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10 Best Essential Oil Products For The Brain & Their Reviews [Updated 2019]

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Brain food is all the buzz now and to keep on par with the latest trends in healthy living and organic eating; it’s a good idea to add some fantastic essential oils as part of your daily routine.

Essential oils are ideal for so many things such as boosting your immune system, creating a healthy outlook on life, protecting against viruses and bacteria as well as improving your overall well-being.

Essential oils have been around for centuries, if not thousands of years and, have been used by herbal healers and aromatherapists the world over.

Each essential oil, with its unique blend of herb, flower, or extracted nutrients, offers our bodies and our minds a whole new approach to feeling good.

Often overlooked for more severe ailments, essential oils are the best-kept secret to bringing in a secure and robust immune system.

One of the significant characteristics of essential oils is that it’s also great for our brain by improving our mental strength and creating a sense of calmness and serenity.

With that said, let’s get started. Here’s a list of the 10 best essential oil products for the brain and their reviews for 2019.

1. Frankincense Essential Oil

My absolute favorite essential oil, Frankincense Essential Oil has been used for thousands of years to create a deep sense of peace and wellness for its users.

Through its incredible bouquet and delicate aroma, Frankincense Essential Oil begins to reduce those feelings of anxiety that creep in during the day when we’re so busy with our hectic lives.

Frankincense essential oil is also excellent as a stimulate for the brain and works on also improving the body’s natural defenses and immune system.

Together with its multifaceted use, Frankincense essential oil is used both as a cosmetic and medicinally.

This essential oil tremendously improves your skin tone and helps to reduce those appearing wrinkles and signs of aging.

Medicinally, Frankincense essential oil is also high in protecting us against airborne bacteria, helping the body to eliminate those built-up toxins in the body quickly.

Frankincense essential oil works wonders for you all over with just a few drops in your bath water or mixed into a bottle of your favorite wash soap.

Scrub all over in the shower or just take a long and relaxing bath with this fabulous essential oil

Pros & Benefits:
  • Quickly reduces anxiety and anxious feelings
  • Stimulates the brain and boosts our immune system
  • Is used both medicinally and cosmetically
  • Improves skin tone and works on the signs of aging.
  • Protects and eliminates any airborne bacteria

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2. Peppermint Essential Oil

Fresh and exciting, Peppermint Essential Oil is a refined essential oil packed full of tremendous and healthy benefits.

For the brain, Peppermint Essential Oil truly adds to invigorating the senses and stimulating the endorphins within our brain cells.

Peppermint Essential Oil creates a combination of tranquility as well as being awake and alert in a balanced and refreshing way.

Peppermint essential oil is also an excellent antispasmodic essential oil helping the body and the stomach to calm any aches and cramping.

Of course, this is great for the brain since the body is not distracted from the uncomfortable feeling caused by bloating.

Peppermint essential oil also acts as both an anti-viral as well as an anti-inflammatory for the whole body, feeding the necessary nutrients to the brain to send out those antibacterial destroying signals.

Through its invigorate crisp aroma, Peppermint essential oil also helps to relieve any muscle pains and cramps as well as in the treatment of indigestion.

What’s excellent about Peppermint essential oil is that it also is unusual in reducing headaches and the effects of the common cold.

Simply add a few drops in some warm water and drink in the morning to boost your brain and your day.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Helps to invigorate the senses and stimulate the brain
  • Reduces headaches and treats the common cold
  • Antibacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Relieves muscle pain and cramps
  • Acts as an antispasmodic and helps alleviate nausea

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3. Rosemary Essential Oil

Often an incredible addition to your food dishes, Rosemary is full of flavor and fantastic for your health.

As an essential oil, Rosemary Essential Oil is both refreshing to the whole body, helping it to clear away any nasty bacteria or infections lurking in the body.

For the brain, Rosemary essential oil truly boosts the immune system and helps the brain to protect and defend against toxins.

When Rosemary essential oil is diluted and used topically, the oil will help stimulate hair growth and build luster from the follicle to the tips of every strand.

Rosemary essential oil is also fantastic in soothing inflammation anywhere in the body and works on reducing pain quickly.

Rosemary essential oil works wonders on headaches either used topically or by diluting just a few drops in some warm water and drinking the contents.

With such a pleasant and calming aroma, it’s no wonder that Rosemary essential oil also helps to calm the mind and stimulate tranquility in the brain.

Because of its mild and sensitive properties, Rosemary essential oil can be safely used for all ages, both topically and diluted and taken orally.

Alternatively, several drops in your bath water to soak away the stress of the day is also highly recommended!

Pros & Benefits:
  • Refreshing and aromatic in its scent
  • Reduces headaches and alleviates stress
  • Soothes inflammation and helps to reduce pain
  • Works wonders on stimulating hair growth
  • Helps the brain to strengthen the immune system

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4. Vetiver Essential Oil

Vetiver Essential Oil is most definitely not one of those essential oils you often hear about, but between you and me, this is one of the best-kept secrets in the critical oil world.

With its incredibly exotic aroma, Vetiver essential oil is a fantastic addition to your daily life and routine.

Bringing about some solid grounding in your life, this essential oil works wonders on stimulating the natural processes in the brain and works as a super supporter of all brain functions.

Vetiver essential oil is a purely natural antioxidant, eradicating all and any toxins building up in the body.

Together with its excellent antiseptic properties, Vetiver essential oil helps the whole body and brain to protect itself from any harmful bacteria.

As a regenerative essential oil, Vetiver essential oil also helps boost cell function in the brain-boosting the body’s natural immune system.

Vetiver essential oil is also high in helping to reduce inflammation and, by just adding a few drops into your bath water or your daily shower gel, Vetiver essential oil will quickly get to work helping your body become healthy inside and out.

Pros & Benefits:
  • A genuinely exotic scent which lingers all-day
  • Promotes calmness and helps the mind ground itself
  • Reduces inflammation and acts as a natural antiseptic
  • Regenerative for both the mind and the whole bodyamazon button

5. Basil Essential Oil

Ah, we all love a bit of basil in our cooking, and no wonder as this fantastic herb holds superb flavor and benefits for the whole body.

Extracted as an essential oil, Basil essential oil is truly soothing for our minds, restoring our calmness and bringing tranquility to our thoughts.

Basil essential oil is also high at restoring natural cell function in our body, and when used on our skin, it has an incredible ability to repair the cells effectively and quickly.

Basil essential oil can, of course, be used both topically as well as internally to bring about an excellent balance and cleansing feeling both inside and outside our body.

As an exfoliator, Basil essential oil can be used to improve skin complexion and promote the healing of scars or any bacteria, causing infections on the skin.

As a hair tonic, Basil essential oil can also be used with a natural shampoo product to helps cleanse the hair and nourish it right to the roots.

Basil essential oil promotes the brain’s ability to boost the entire body’s immune system and create a soothing, calm, and tranquil peace of mind.

Basil essential oil has a sweet and stimulating earthy scent and can be easily used by all ages, given its remarkable mild properties.

Just add a few drops into some warm water and drink each morning before breakfast to boost the body and the brain into clearing away all the toxins that may have built up.  Alternatively, adding to your shower or bath routine is also a great way just to unwind and relax.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Soothing and restoring to the whole body
  • Improves brain stimulation and repairs and protects cells
  • Works as a natural exfoliator to remove bacteria build up on the skin
  • Promotes healthy skin complexion and cleanses and softens hair
  • Hydrates the whole body and boosts our immune systemamazon button

6. Wild Orange Essential Oil

Zesty and sweet, Wild Orange Essential Oil is terrific in improving brain function and stimulating the production of endorphins for the benefit of our whole body.

With such a beautiful crisp and refreshing aroma, Wild Orange essential oil is both uplifting and refreshing for the senses and the entire body as well.

This superb essential oil is fantastic if you’re feeling a bit under the weather or just in need of a stimulating boost to your day.

Taking a few drops of Wild Orange essential oil in a glass of water each morning before eating, will pack your day with energy and vitality.

Wild Orange essential oil can, of course, also be used as an all-purpose spray by adding a few drops into your diffuser.

Lightly spray your face and body to spark those skin cells into action and immediately feel better.

Wild Orange essential oil is best used topically and helps the brain by lifting the mood and energizing your levels.

This essential oil is also great for eradicating bacteria and works equally as well as an anti-inflammatory agent, reducing inflammation from any potential cuts, bites, and infections on the skin.

This essential oil also helps the brain through its ability to regenerate natural cell function and promote a healthy and robust immune system.

Wild Orange essential oil is ideal for teenagers and adults alike, but it would be necessary to test some diluted Wild Orange essential oil on the skin to check for any potential allergy or reaction.

Wild Orange essential oil can also be taken orally through diluting around two to three drops in a full glass of warm water in the morning.

This will help the brain and the body by flushing out all toxins in the body and generate a healthy appetite for the day to come.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Terrific crisp and zesty aroma that will boost your mood
  • Works as an anti-inflammatory and holds anti-bacterial properties
  • Helps the brain to ensure an active and healthy immune system
  • Topically regenerates natural cell function and cleanses away toxins
  • Acts as an internal cleanser for the whole body when taken orallyamazon button

7. Lemon Essential Oil

Well-known for its uplifting citrus aroma, the Lemon essential oil is a beautiful natural cleanser for the entire body.

The lemon essential oil works wonders for the brain and tremendously boosts overall brain function by fighting fatigue and insomnia.

For those who struggle with stress or have a hectic lifestyle, then Lemon essential oil is a must-have in your daily routine.

With incredible ingredients, the Lemon essential oil has been a favorite among herbalists and aromatherapists for hundreds of years.

The citric zest that Lemon essential oil contains, not only improves our immune systems, but it also helps to quickly and effectively relieve stress as well as depression.

What’s also great about Lemon essential oil is that it can be used for all ages; of course, it’s necessary to ensure that you test for any allergy or slight reaction on younger children.

As a cleanser for the skin cells and a purifier for all your internal organs, the Lemon essential oil will definitely help to eradicate toxin build up as well as boost weight loss.

This all-in-one dynamite of essential oil is the real jackpot of crucial oils for the brain.

Another great property of Lemon essential oil is that it also helps to reduce the appearance of varicose veins because of its unique ability to reduce the swelling and potential bulging that is caused by varicose veins just under the skin.

So, if you’re feeling down or have had a tough week, then look no further than introducing Lemon essential oil to your daily routine and your daily diet.

Add a few drops of Lemon essential oil to a glass of warm water first thing in the morning, and you will see the magic happen.

Alternatively, add a few drops to your diffuser so that you can take in the fantastic citric aroma and immediately reduce those feelings of anxiety.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Acts as a cleanser for the skin and boosts natural cell function
  • Helps to reduce anxiety and depression
  • Works to alleviate insomnia and promotes a good night’s sleep
  • An active antitoxin that works on acne and athlete’s foot
  • Supports the brain by working on boosting the immune system
  • Promotes weight loss and cleanses internal organsamazon button

8. Silver Fir Essential Oil

Not often well-known, Silver Fir essential oil is another well-kept secret in the crucial oil global market.

With its hint of woody forest type aroma, Silver Fir essential oil works its magic in stimulating the brain and boosting alertness in mind.

Aromatically soothing and pleasant, Silver Fir essential oil is excellent for clearing away any harmful toxins that may have built upon the skin or in the body.

Silver Fir essential oil is a great protective agent for the body and acts as both an antiseptic as well as an antibacterial booster for the whole body.

Used topically, by adding a few drops to a wet sponge or alternatively in your bath water, Silver Fir essential oil will help calm your mood and lift your spirits.

Silver Fir essential oil can also be used with a diffuser to enhance the senses and stimulate a clear mind.

Superbly versatile, Silver Fir essential oil is also great for reducing headaches caused by stress as well as relaxing muscle spasms that may have been caused by anxiety.

Suitable for young and mature adults alike, Silver Fir essential oil will powerfully soothe the skin and promote natural cell function.

Predominantly used topically, White Fir essential oil would be ideal after a long and hard day at work or school.

Just add a few drops to your bath or as part of your shower gel, and get relaxing!

Pros & Benefits:
  • Beautiful wooded forest scent that stimulates the mind.
  • Helps to quickly reduce stress and anxiety from a hard and stressful day.
  • Calms the mind and energizes the body to eradicate toxins
  • Topically promotes healthy skin and acts as an antiseptic
  • Uplifting and cleansing to the whole bodyamazon button

9. Thyme Essential Oil

You should always make time for Thyme!

Thyme has been a part of many Mediterranean and Eastern dishes for centuries, and with its pleasant earthen aroma, Thyme essential oil is no different.

Extracted from the herb, Thyme essential oil is a miracle worker in many aspects of the entire body.

Thyme essential oil is a powerful medicinal agent that not only regenerates cell growth in the body but also works to resolve and improve the overall complexion and health of our skin cells.

For the brain, Thyme essential oil tremendously improves and stimulates brain function and promotes the releasing of endorphins to combat stress.

Thyme essential oil is also high for the mind, helping the whole body to improve its overall immunity.

This essential oil also acts as both an antispasmodic agent as well as reduce the antibacterial build up that happens when skin infections such as acne occur.

With its incredible anti-hypertensive properties also, Thyme essential oil is a real health tonic for the brain.

The essential oil is also packed with pneumatic properties and holds its own among the other essential oils in helping deal with depression.

Suitable for all ages and can be taken both orally or topically, ensure that you have some Thyme essential oil in your cabinet today.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Helps to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Promotes well-being and acts as a powerful cleanser for the body.
  • Works as pneumatic and antispasmodic agent
  • Reduces acne-causing a bacteria build up on the skin
  • Medicinally promotes the reduction of hypertensionamazon button

10. Lavender Essential Oil

The beautiful and calming effect of Lavender essential oil is what makes this essential oil one of the best on the market.

A truly relaxing experience, Lavender essential oil will bring out the inner guru in you.

In terms of its ability to help the brain, Lavender essential oil works true wonders in reducing the build-up of anxiety and stress.

Through is relaxing clinically proven aroma, Lavender essential oil will combat depression and promote overall well-being for anyone having a tough time.

If you’re potentially struggling to sleep or suffer from insomnia, then Lavender essential oil is an excellent treatment.

Just add a few drops on your pillow at night or add a few drops to a warm and relaxing bath just before bed, and you will be off to dreamland in no time.

Proven in the treatment of minor burns or insect bites, Lavender essential oil is also an excellent antiseptic and anti-inflammatory for the whole family.

Working as an immune booster also, Lavender essential oil helps the brain to protect the body against viruses and infections that may occur.

Just a few drops of Lavender essential oil into your diffuser or adding a few drops to a glass of water and taken each day, this essential oil will quickly calm and relax you.

So, if you’re feeling a bit restless or need something to bring on that much-needed tranquility at night, make sure you have some Lavender essential oil at hand.

Topically suitable for all ages, including infants and orally for young teens and mature adults, get some Lavender essential oil today!

Pros & Benefits:
  • Works to calm and relax the mind quickly
  • Acts as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory for minor burns and bug bites
  • Treats anxiety and insomnia speedily and effectively
  • Deals promptly with restlessness and depression
  • Suitable for all agesamazon button

Final Thoughts

We all live hectic lives, and we tend to forget to take the time to heal our minds from the stresses and strains of the day.

Essential oils are a natural and great way to support your brain function and deal with the potential anxiety that may set in.

With incredible and proven medicinal properties, make sure you add some of these essential oils to your daily routine and bring back the calm and tranquility to your life again.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of the 10 best essential oil products for the brain and their reviews for 2019.

See one that’s not on the list and should be? Let us know in the comments below.

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