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10 Best Essential Oils For Memory & Their Reviews [Updated 2019]

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Essential oils are plants’ natural gift as their extracts provide soothing effects to the human body.

These essential oils have been used in the past centuries and have been used for different purposes.

If we look at in the early beginnings, the people in the past have been using plants extracts, as a source of medicine, some as an ingredient to their food and maybe some to use it for their work of art.

In this modern day, they’re commonly used as an alternative medicine in supporting both our health and well-being.

These essential oils can be inhaled or can also be applied on the skin.

There are different kinds of essential oils and these kinds of oils give a unique type of scent and most notably, its effects and benefits.

There are kinds that help us feel calm and release stress and anxiety that we feel after a long day of work.

There are also kinds that help us fight common ailments like coughs and colds, body pains, headaches, stomach cramps and many more.

These essential oils are also considered as an alternative external medicine, but keep in mind that they’re not safe to consume.

Other uses of essential oils are for fragrances, bug repellant spray, and some are even used for the furniture, but the most notable use of the essential oils is through aromatherapy– a therapy where healing is achieved by inhaling the aroma of the essential oil the is being released through a diffuser or humidifier.

These essential oils are believed to have an uplifting effect to us humans and when released through air, it releases its antiseptic properties which is the essence of it.

Essential oils also paved the way to the modern way of alternative medicine, a direction where the use technology in making oils ,but also preserving the benefits that the plants extracts.

In addition, essential oils help us promote the natural way of healing.

Essential oils are also called “a product of nature” because it comes from nature– from the plants.

These essential oils can also be used on our household pets, just don’t let them consume it.

However, not all essential oils can be used and applied to our household pets.

Some of which can be toxic and fatal which we don’t want to happen.

It’s still recommendable that if you want to apply or use essential oils to your pets, have it in a diffuser, but not for all because some pets may have problem with their respiratory system.

There are many types of essential oils.

This article will give you the top 10 best essential oils based on the price, its size, the brand behind the product, and of course the benefits that it can give you especially for those with memory problems.

This will help you choose which type of essential oil is best for you.

1. Majestic Pure Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary is a type of herb that is commonly used as a condiment in culinary.

It’s used mostly on cooking meat such as steaks, lambs and chicken.

Others extract its juices to create fragrant perfumes and essentials oils as it contains healthy aspects.

This product is recommended if you want to have to feel relaxed this helps improves memory function.

Just add few drops on your diffuser and enjoy its aromatic scent while reading.

This can also be used as an essential oil for massage and sleep aid.

  • This product is more than 110ml so this should last for several months depending on your daily usage.
  • Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil
  • Can also be mixed with other essential oils
  • Not pet-friendly
  • Reports of discoloration and bad smell

amazon button

2. Orchid & Temple Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is very versatile when it comes to benefits and that doesn’t even change when you’ll use it as an essential oil.

It’s a common choice by massage therapist and perfume makers because notably, people love its scent because it’s so alluring, so sweet that when you smell it, it would make you feel relaxed and feel serene.

This product has endless uses as it’s not only effective in memory but also in other health related illnesses such as headache, sprains, inflammations and many more.

The product can also be returned if there are any unwanted circumstances after delivery and the essential oil is best paired with their bergamot oil.

  • Can be used in bath, on your body, an aroma to your diffuser, an oil during massage and many more
  • Product is non-GMO and therapeutic graded
  • Endless uses


  • Aroma is too strong
  • Not pure lavender oil
  • Not potentamazon button

3. Artizen Clove Essential Oil

Cloves are best known for their medicinal properties related to mouth and dental pains and commonly used as a main ingredient in most dishes that we consume and we can consider clove as a very powerful and versatile one.

Notably, cloves health beneficial factor has been proven and tested even in the early day.

Making it as an essential oil would definitely give you an ease and many other way to use it.

This product is also best if you do want to maintain a good and relaxed memory.

The product also used high quality glass bottles which prevents UV rays from sunlight exposure and degradation.

  • Product is potent and natural
  • You can choose 4 bottle size, depending on availability
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • There are report of burnt skin
  • Leaked bottles
  • Quality is not that goodamazon button

4. Rainbow Abby Black Pepper Essential Oil

Just like lavender, black pepper is considered as a versatile one because not only it’s used as a spice in most of our dishes together with salt to bring out taste but also it has medicinal benefits that would help our body fight ailments.

Just like a favorite saying, its more than just a spice.

This product is highly recommendable if you’re looking for an aromatic spicy scent that contains antioxidant properties and enhance mental alertness.

You can use this as a perfume, a diffuser for aromatherapy and you can even use it on your massage, bath and skin care.

Just add a few drops.

  • Can be used as an aromatherapy or skincare regimen
  • US FDA Approved
  • Top quality
  •  For a 10ml bottle, a price of 10$ is a bit highamazon button

5. Gya Labs Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon is known for its wide array of medicinal properties such as keeping a healthy skin, anti-inflammatory properties and weight loss and the extract can help us fight ailments like coughs and colds, giving us the right Vitamin C to help boosting our immune system.

Lemon is just like rosemary and black pepper, it’s also used as a side ingredient on our dished mostly keeping out those nasty smell and don’t forget about some refreshing lemon juice.

This product is best for you if you want a zesty scent which will definitely refresh your mind and wash away the negativity you’re dwelling.

It your room smells a bit bad, add a few drops on your diffuser and that bad odd smell you’re smelling will be easily replaced by a refreshing one.

  • For a 10ml bottle priced at 6$, it’s absolutely the best price you’ll get
  • If there are any unwanted circumstances, item is returnable within 30 days after purchase
  • Purifies room air
  • Review of item being broken upon arrival.
  • Tampered product
  • Delivered as an empty bottleamazon button

6. Majestic Pure Bergamot Essential Oil

If you seen a bergamot, you might be confused as it looks similar to a lime but a size of an orange but did you know that its sweet citrus fragance is recommended if you want to relieve stress and anxiety.

It can be used as an aromatherapy to your diffuser by placing a few drops but don’t forget to dilute it with a carrier oil.

It can also be used during bath and as an essential oil to your massage.

  •  This can be blended by other essential oils
  • 100% pure and organic
  • Premium quality
  • Price is too high for a 30ml bottle
  • Doesn’t smell like bergamot
  • Some empty bottlesamazon button

7. Cliganic Frankincense Essential Oil

Its very uncommon that a part of a wood can be extracted but frankincense definitely is one breaking barriers that only plants can produce extracts.

Frankincense are known for its very aromatic smell that can be extracted through trees and provide medicinal properties.

Some uses its extract as incense and fragrant perfumes.

This is a verified non GMO and a USDA Organic approved product that is recommendable for memory improvement.

Bergamot essential oil is best paired with rosemary so you’ll definitely have a rich aromatic scent to enjoy.

  • Product is verified as non GMO and an approved USDA Organic
  • Multipurpose benefits
  •  USDA Organic Approved
  • Lack of quality product
  • Reports of tampered and bottles has no label
  • Scent doesn’t last longamazon button

8. Edens Garden Clary Sage Essential Oil

Did you know that Clary Sage is known its versatility when it comes to medicinal properties?

Most of the parts of its herb can be used, definitely, there’s nothing to waste when a plant can give it all and not to forget that it’s also used as a spice, commonly as a garnish.

Clary sage extract comes from its leaves and buds and contains many health benefits good for our physical and mental well being because of its rich antioxidants.

Its earthy aromatic scent that will definitely help you maintain a calm mind and reduce stress and anxiety and will definitely help your emotional stability.

This product is also hand-crafted which really gives an A+ and its gluten free, non-toxic, GMO free and BPA free therefore product quality isn’t a question after all.

This is irresistibly a must buy!

  • Company behind this product has been established since 2009
  • Products are non-MLM
  • You can choose 5 different bottle size
  • Item can’t be returned after purchase
  • There are reviews that the smell is terrible
  • Price is too high for the bottle sizeamazon button

9. Aphrosmile Sandalwood Essential Oil

Another type of wood that can be extracted but what is unique with Sandalwood is that they can retain their fragrance for decades, no wonder it’s considered as an expensive one.

Moreover, Sandalwood is best known for its anti-inflammatory properties and used as a natural antiseptic, astringent and many more.

If you’re looking for an essential oil that has multiple benefits for your memory and has a beautiful scent, this product is highly recommendable.

The product packaging and bottle is elegant.

Use this as an aromatherapy for your diffuser, although you can use this as an oil to your massage or when taking a bath.

  • This essential oil can be used by using a diffuser, as spray for linens, and home cleaning.
  • The bottle size is worth the price
  • Multi functions with other essential oils
  • A review that the product doesn’t smell like Sandalwood
  • Poor bottle top seal
  • Doesn’t have strong scentamazon button

10. Diffuse Essential Oils Cypress Essential Oil

Cypress is similar to a pine tree and comes in different kinds and is commonly used as a remedy for coughs and colds.

This essential oil is recommendable if you want to release stress and improve memory.

It can also be used as an ingredient for soaps, shampoos, candles, and many more.

Just place a few drops on your diffuser and enjoy your aromatherapy while relaxing.

  • Bottle is UV resistant with built-in dropper
  • Priced at 6$ for a 10ml bottle is worth the purchase
  • Built-in dropper
  • Several reviews that the bottle is broken and leaking
  • Broken bottles
  • Misleadingamazon button

Final Thoughts

Essential oils have lots of medical properties that would help improved our well being.

As we progress by looking in a direction where we support the natural way and promote alternative medicine, essential oils plays a big role in this generation.

The alternative way of medicine has been present even before chemically made medicine were introduced.

However, us humans realized that it’s not okay to rely on those chemically made since we can say if can cure us but definitely, there will be a side effect on our body internally.

These essential oils are made and produced through our advance technology, improved and better but the good thing is that it doesn’t have the chemicals that the chemically made medicine does have.

Although, we cannot intake these essential oils orally, the relief of feeling it on our skin, smelling it on our room is better.

This is not an argument not to say no to medicines made or mixed with chemicals but its we want to share is that the natural way is always and will always be the best medicine and that has been proven even before the world was introduced to technology.

There are many kinds, types, and brands of essential oils.

Each have a distinct effect especially in regard to our memory, there are some that has the same effect, however, keep in mind that these essential oils, regardless their kind type or brand, we should appreciate them on their effort on making these essential oils.

We know at the back of our mind, on ourselves that making these essential oils is not that easy.

Getting that purity that the market needs is not easy.

Getting and producing the best quality is not that easy and I think to the brands and companies behind this.

We should thank them for producing the essential oils, for helping us promote the natural way of medication.

If we imagine our world without our plants, it’s undeniably ugly, all you see is just plainly brown because of dry soil and blue of ocean and freshwater.

The existence of the green plants, that we should be thankful as they kept our land healthy and provide adequate food.

We should be thankful because without the existence of these plants, we might not discover the essential oils, we might not discover an alternative way of medicine through a natural and healthy approach.

We should also give and commend our ancestors who started out the essential oils by discovering it unknowingly what might be the effects that it will have.

They didn’t rely on any technology, but what they did is that they rely of what is being seen on their surroundings and make use of it, because for them, everything that surrounds them is a blessing, some maybe a blessing of disguise, but most of all is a blessing that they’re always be thankful.

It just simply says that even if the existence of medicines that are made chemically, we should not forget to try the natural way.

Essential oils are a like the foundation of natural medicine and if we continue using it, there is no harm that can imply to us, in fact it may bring us good effects to our body.

However, we should always keep in mind when buying essential oils that we need to choose the right quality, right product and the right price.

We should know how its being made and produced as well the ingredients that the essential oils contains.

We do not want to end up not getting satisfied.

Also, we should also be aware that the re are many essential oils that are being faked and we want to be vigilant through that it may bring unwanted and maybe harmful and devastating effects in our body.

We choose essential oils for an alternative way of healing. When buying essential oils, we have to make sure that it’s capped and sealed properly.

Make sure that the labels are clear and there are instructions printed at the back of the bottle.

I am using essential oil when having a massage and the best way to test the oil if its pure and not fake is that put a single drop in a piece of white paper and just let it dry.

If a ring of oil is still present, that means that your essential oil isn’t pure after all.

Make sure when buying an essential oil, it must come from an established brand or company, do not purchase essential oils that doesn’t have any background.

Its better be safe than sorry.

One more thing, just because it’s natural, it’s always safe.

If you’re allergic to a certain kind of oil or extract, do not use it.

If using an essential oil triggers side effects like coughing or rashes, do not hesitate to discontinue. Not all essential oils can be friendly, some has harsh effect on our body.

Look for that certain type of essential oil that you’re comfortable using.

If you’re hang to that essential oil, stick to it.

Do not change as sometimes, when changing products, that is where harsh effects would start to occur and we don’t want to happen it.

Lastly, know your brand.

If the brand that the product your are using has a very reputable background, do not stop or switch to other brands.

It’s important to every essential oil that the brand is reputable since quality is more important.

When choosing an essential oil, always select those essential oils which are pure 100% and if its possible, choose those essential oils that are certified organic.

As much as possible, the quality and purity of the product should always be first when buying as it’s not an essential oil if the quality and purity is not met.

On the other hand, we’re trying to avoid the harmful effects of chemicals.

Let’s not dwell on chemically made medicine.

The natural way is still the best alternative medicine.

By selecting a cheap, choosing a safe and proven effective, there is no excuse not to say yes to essential oils.

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