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best essential oil for poison ivy

7 Best Essential Oils For Poison Ivy & Their Reviews (Updated 2020)

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There are plenty of essential oils for poison ivy that can help relieve this itchy and burning pain.

Well, the prickly or painful sensation is caused by an allergic reaction.

This reaction is caused by the antibodies in the body reacting to the allergens on the leaf.

You just need an oil to apply to the skin for relief from these allergic reactions.

With that said, let’s get started on our list of the 10 best essential oils for poison ivy and their reviews for 2020.

1. Zanfel

Poison Ivy contains urushiol, the toxin that causes the allergic reactions in human beings

Zanfel is able to counteract urushiol giving you relief from the allergic reactions.

This is important to you because it initiates immediate healing of the body or the surface that is affected by the poison ivy.

You should check the drugstores or Amazon should you need to heal quickly from the rashes and the pain.

This product is used any time after contact with poison ivy.

However, it’s only applied to the external body parts and is not recommended to be taken orally.

You should use this product because it reduces the healing period from days to just hours, even as fast as minutes.

Pros & Benefits:
  • It’s cheap.
  • Faster healing period
  • Does not have side effects if used properly
  • Reduces pain and swellingamazon button

2. Oregano Essential Oil

Oregano oil has the main components that have been proven to give excellent relief from reactions in the body that are created by allergens.

Have you ever heard someone say that he/she is allergic to some substances?

Well this is created from antigen-antibody reaction in the body where the body does not want certain foreign substances.

Oregano in this case acts as an antihistamine.

Just like Zanfel, oregano oil diminishes itchiness.

However, you should not apply this oil without diluting it with carrier oil.

It also creates soothing effect followed by the reduction of redness of the skin.

This product is a plus because besides all the other medicinal properties, it has a unique and pleasant smell from carvacrol, pinene, caryophyllene, thymol and ocimene combined.

If your allergic reaction is made worse by bacteria, Oregano can also treat this because it contains antibacterial properties , as well as, antiseptic.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Has sweet smell.
  • Heals itchy rashes.
  • Does not contain any cholesterol or alcoholic content.

amazon button

3. Myrrh Essential Oil

From the ancient times, this oil has been used by our ancestors for medicinal purposes and for aromatherapy that involves application of the oil on the skin for fragrance and sacred purposes.

Myrrh also has a calming effect.

Its extracted from a myrrh tree with the scientific name Comiphorra myrrha which contains a lot of medicinal compounds.

Myrrh is known to boost immunity and therefore reduce symptoms of poison ivy.

In addition, myrrh aids the body in reducing inflammation and pain.

It also heals the affected areas of the skin while keeping you calm.

Research done by several scientists has shown that this product suppresses the growth of bacteria deposited on the skin by Poison Ivy leaves.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Prevents colds.
  • Has a very sweet aroma or fragrance.
  • When combined with frankincense ,it provides unmatched pain relief.
  • Reduces insomniaamazon button

4. Wildland

Wildland wipes offers relief from poison ivy reactions.

Wildland is important for you is because it offers immediate support by cooling off the irritated area, thus, lessens itchiness.

With this kind of drug, once you apply it on the skin, it first removes the allergens on the skin which immediately reduces the pain.

If you have ever been stung by a bee, you need first to remove the bee sting to heal faster from the pain and swelling.

This scenario works the same to the treatment of the poison ivy.

Wildland uses a natural substance known as the Jojoba esters that help in soothing and repairing the skin

Pros & Benefits:
  • Provides relief from rashes.
  • Creates a very pleasant cold sensation on the skin.
  • Eliminates pain
  • Produced from natural ingredientsamazon button

5. Calendula Oil

Calendula oil is a natural oil extracted from flowers with the scientific name Calendula officinalis which is used to treat skin rashes and inflammations.

It has always been known to have soothing and antiseptic properties.

This oil has also been used to makes ointments which are used for religious purposes.

This oil has been proven useful in dealing with issues that relate with the health of the skin ranging from inflammation, swelling, itchiness, rashes and wrinkles.

It also treats cramps, prevents muscle spasms and ulcers.

For poison ivy treatment, it reduces pain and inflammation on the affected areas.

Calendula oil can treat rashes when applied consistently for a period of two weeks.

Pros & Benefits:
  • It’s manufactured from natural ingredients.
  • Heals diaper rashes
  • Repels mosquitoes
  • Reduces radiation effects on the skinamazon button

6. Lavender Essential Oil

This oil is very helpful in soothing irritations on the skin, at the same time, promoting a calming effect.

Lavender essential oil should be diluted with a carrier oil in order to minimize the adverse effects of its concentration.

Mix about 6 drops of lavender oil with carrier oil.

This drug will definitely remove the itchiness cause by poison ivy.

Furthermore, Lavender essential oil will counteract the inflammatory effects of the poison ivy and reduce inflammation.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Creates a soothing effect when applied to the skin
  • Reduces the inflammation
  • Reduces itching
  • Acts as antisepticamazon button

7. Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint oil can prevent skin inflammation.

It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that prevent swelling.

Peppermint essential oil is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Peppermint is not edible or should not be taken by orally.

Pros & Benefits:
  • It has sweet aroma.
  • Reduces swelling of the skin
  • Manufactured from natural products and does not contain any alcoholic content
  • amazon button

8. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

One of the symptoms of poison ivy is presence of a rash on the skin and itchiness.

The Eucalyptus Essential Oil’s anti-inflammatory property addresses any swelling and itchiness.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil has other herbal values like antioxidant, anti-microbial, antiseptic, antibacterial, decongestant and phagocytic.

The term phagocytic means that it fights of foreign substances that are threat to the body.

When this oil is used in aromatherapy, its sweet fragrance provides relief from the stress of the itchiness caused by the poison ivy.

 Pros & Benefits:
  • Freshens the air
  • Reduces and eliminates itching
  • Removes rashesamazon button

9. Tea Tree Oil

This one of the most perfect essential oil for the treatment of poison ivy.

It reduces swelling and itchiness.

This oil is for topical application only and should be diluted before application to the skin.

Tea tree oil can be mixed with other essential oils such as lavender, myrrh, eucalyptus or rosemary oils in order to produce enhanced benefits to the skin.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Moisturizes the skin to a glow
  • Relieves inflammations
  • Relieves pain induced on the surface of the skinamazon button

Final Thoughts

These oils should be used with consistency when treating allergic reaction to poison ivy.

We should be patient, too, in using these oils.

Results cannot be hurried.

The effects are worth the wait.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of the 7 best essential oils for poison ivy and their reviews.

See one that’s not on the list and should be? Let us know in the comments below!

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