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best essential oil for ticks

10 Best Essential Oil Products For Ticks & Their Reviews [Updated 2020]

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We’ve all been, at some point in our life, consumed by wanderlust.

The everyday routine of going to work, coming home, eating, and sleeping leaves a feeling of emptiness in us.

Sometimes, we just have to satisfy our urge to immerse ourselves in the great outdoors.

Take barefoot walks on the beach.

Trek through the forests and essentially be at one with nature .

These adventures, however bear with it annoying nuances such as insect bites, especially from ticks!

Ticks are known to carry parasites and harmful diseases so safety precautions should always be kept in mind.

Synthetic bug sprays are efficient, however, it’s better to do things the natural way.

With that in mind, here’s ten of the best essential oil products for ticks out there.

1. Skedattle Natural Bug Spray

There are about a thousand species of biting insects out there.

A pleasant, early morning walk could easily turn to a dreadful plight of an experience.

The first one on the list is a multipurpose solution.

This bug spray not only solves your pet’s tick problem; it also serves as a multipurpose bug repellent.

Skedattle Natural Bug Spray is perfect for those who lean on the lighter side of things.

The light, skin friendly solution makes for a delightful tick-free experience.

Ticks know no boundaries.

Kids, adults, the elderly, and even the beloved house pets could fall victim to tick infestations.

A number of deadly diseases and microbial parasites are found in ticks.

This fact indeed, makes choosing the right bug spray all the more critical.

Best used for precautionary measures and for minor tick infestations.

Skedattle Natural Bug Spray is the perfect companion for outdoor enthusiasts and fur parents alike.

Skedattle Natural Bug Spray is an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic chemical based bug repellent.

Not only is Skedattle Natural Bug Spray water based; it’s also “Deet” free.

This means that this solution does not leave any damage to fabric and does not cause skin irritation usually caused by Deet-based formulas.

“Deet” or N-ethyl-meta-toluamide is synthetic compound that was found out to have negative health impacts to frequent users.

Health hazards include skin irritation, burning lip sensations, rashes, and many more.

It was also found out in a study that long exposures to “Deet” is correlated with behavioral changes and deterioration in the number of brain cells.

Better stay clear of synthetic products and experience the beauty that is Skedattle Natural Bug Spray.

A burst of citrus aroma with a dash of minty fresh fragrance makes Skedattle Natural Bug Spray one of the best smelling tick repellent out there.

Of course, without sacrificing its efficiency in repelling tick and other bugs.

Pros & Benefits:
  •  Deet free and 100% natural
  •  Nose friendly and leaves no musky smell on skin
  • 100% Hypo allergenic
  •  Eco friendly and Biodegradable; easily washed off by water
  •  Safe for children and pets alike

amazon button

2. Wonder Healing Tick Block Natural Insect Repellent Spray

Trekking and enjoying the general merriment of walking through the woods or the meadows is one of the most therapeutic routines one can do.

With this activity comes the hazards and pesky inconveniences that go along with it.

Suffering and just plain dealing with the nuances of getting a tick bite, luckily, is now a thing of the past.

With Tick Block Natural Insect Repellent, your future adventures with the family would be hassle free.

Whether it be a trip to the beach or a camping in the woods, Tick Block ensures a Tick free adventure with its all natural infusion of organic and vegan safe formula.

Tick Block would be the perfect suit for active families and individuals. 

Tick Block Natural Insect Repellent Spray would give you an ease of mind regarding sickness bearing bugs, especially ticks.

Wonder Healing is 100% made from essential oils and is “Deet” free.

No more worries of irritated eyes and skin.

Gone are the days of skin rashes and itchiness.

Wonder Healing is absolutely safe for kids and adults of all ages.

Pets like dogs and cats could also enjoy the benefits of using Wonder Healing as a tick repellent.

Wonder Healing captures the pleasant, fresh smell of nature.

Giving a unique aroma from the combination of tea tree, peppermint, and citronella extracts.

One can enjoy and revel in nature for up to 6 hours, bug-free!

Pros & Benefits:
  • Enjoy the benefits of 100% essential oils based repellent
  • Long lasting 6 hour bug tick/bug repelling action
  • Soothing and stress relieving aroma helps contribute to peace of mind
  •  Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Will not damage plastic and wood surfaces or equipmentamazon button

3. Yaya Tick Ban + Squito Ban

This spray duo brings twice the potency of most insect repellents.

Yaya Tick Ban + Squito Ban is ideal for the most infested of places.

From the tropic jungles of the south, to the frozen pine forests to the north, Yaya Tick Ban + Squito Ban is the perfect insect repellent.

It works well in both the humid, hot summer air and the freezing winter breeze.

The great beyond would now be at your grasp as you dive into adventures with loved ones free of insect bites!

One could only imagine how pleasant and fun it would be if reveling outdoors was free of disease bearing tick bites.

The time of waiting, luckily is beyond us as Yaya Tick Ban + Squito Ban is now available in the market.

Each bottle is meticulously concocted for maximum potency, hence the two types of bottles.

The concoction of cedarwood oil, geranium oil, peppermint oil, citronella oil, rosemary oil, and more ensures users all the benefits from essential oils.

Say goodbye to the usual greasy and pungent insect repellent and welcome the innovation that is Yaya Tick Ban + Squito Ban.

Packaged into compact, spray bottles, this insect repellent is a must have for light packers and the casual travelers.

The fresh woody scent reminds one of the soothing and calming aroma of the backwoods.

The immersion to nature and connection to the land is ensured by the musky, woody smell of this formula.

This scent is the favorite of hunters and fishermen alike.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Eco friendly, recyclable bottles
  •  Gluten free and vegan friendly
  • Non greasy
  • Non-toxic, all natural ingredients
  • Conveniently packed bottleamazon button

4. Ranger Ready Repellent

The name of the product itself suggests that this tick repellent is for the most daring of souls.

Unlock the inner ranger in you with Ranger Ready repellent.

Ranger Ready repellent is the perfect repellent for highly active individuals.

Park Rangers and wildlife enthusiasts alike spoke highly of Ranger Ready repellent.

The odorless property of the Picaridin in the solution made it commendable by hunters around the globe.

The musky, light woody scent made it blend with the smell of the great outdoors.

Enjoy and revel in the great outdoors with this new heavy duty tick and mosquito repellent.

Ranger Ready Repellent is made from a solution of 20% Picaridin.

Picaridin is an odorless and colorless solution with high insect repelling properties.

Non greasy and leaves no stains, Ranger Ready is the best for overnight applications as it offers 12 hours of tick and mosquito repelling action.

Hassle free sleep during outdoor trips is usually mostly unattainable, if not impossible.

Most insect repellents cause irritation to sensitive skin.

The face and other sensitive parts of the body are left exposed to the elements.

With Ranger Ready Repellent, once can now enjoy a deep slumber in the midst of the elements.

Ranger Ready can be applied wherever, whenever!

The misty, natural aroma of cedar and amber brings a somehow comforting scent that emulates the soothing effects of the fresh smell of the outdoors.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Long lasting effect
  • Light, natural scent
  • Does not leave long lasting marks to fabric
  • Highly potent and lab tested
  • Designed for 360 degrees coverageamazon button

5. Ticks N All

Ticks N All is the perfect mixture of what Mother Nature has to offer in terms of ticks and insect repelling properties.

This spray not only works on ticks.

It also works for a wide variety of biting insects such as mosquitoes, gnats, fleas, lice, and more!

The innovation that is Ticks N All is the epitome of society’s advancement in making life a lot easier.

A few sprays and you would be good for a long duration of time.

Ticks N All is easily absorbed by the skin, meaning that a small enough would be enough to cover a huge portion of the body.

Not only is it one of the most cost effective tick repellent out there, it’s also one of the least hazardous to health.

The essential oils in the product attribute to the insect repelling property and ensures that the harmful effects of synthetic chemicals are mitigated.

Not only is Ticks N All effective for protecting from insect bites, it also helps in moisturizing the skin and soothing preexisting insect bites stings.

Unlike other leading insect repellent brands, Ticks N All considers the consumers’ skin health.

Ticks N all has moisturizing properties contrary to most brands that suck out moisture from the skin, leaving it more vulnerable to bacteria and germs.

The rejuvenation properties of the essential oils in this spray does wonders!

Ticks N All is indeed if not the best, one of the best multi-purpose tick and insect repellent in the market.

Revive the pleasant, aromatic scent of spring time with Ticks N All’s floral, woody fragrance.

Safe for kids and the elderly alike, Ticks N All is the go to product of families across the country.

Pros & Benefits:
  • 100% natural and made from essential oils
  • Gentle on sensitive skin
  • Rejuvenating and moisturizing properties
  • Anti-inflammatory properties for insect bites
  •  Multi-purpose bug sprayamazon button

6. The Good Home Natural Insect Repellent Spray and Candles

The brilliant thing about this product is that it comes with a bundle of aromatic candles.

Not only is this product perfect for indoors aromatherapy, it’s also the perfect companion for backyards camping or romantic dates outdoors.

We’ve all pretty much experienced the tiring cycle of wanting to spend time outdoors, getting feasted on by ticks, then regretting the decisions we made that lead to that.

The Good Home Natural Insect spray promises that this cycle of discontent would be over.

The Good Home Insect Repellent Spray and Candles maybe the most convenient product for those with highly sensitive skin or to those who just don’t want to smother their skin with insect repellent.

This product would be perfect for those hosting small gatherings in their homes.

Imagine the stares people would have if you just started handing insect repellent spray ons to them.

Setting up candles would just be more convenient and subtle.

Set up the mood with candles and enjoy a hassle free, wine-filled dinner date on the grass.

Spend an alone time hassle free while enjoying the aromatic candles.

Truly, the applications are limitless.

The Good Home incorporated different essential oils in this product.

Lemon eucalyptus, geranium, cedar and rosemary make for a reliable, all natural bug repellent.

The all natural composition of the candles and the spray results to a natural, uplifting scent–perfect for setting up a mood, may it be for a romantic evening, or a casual picnic in the park.

A tick free evening with your significant other would be so much more enjoyable now.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Candles up to 25 hours burn time
  • Convenient for people with highly sensitive skin
  • Aromatherapy with the benefits of insect repelling properties
  • 100% Vegan and cruelty free product
  • 100% essential oil based spray and candlesamazon button

7. Terra Shield Spray

Plants have different defense mechanisms against insects.

Some of these defense mechanisms take into the form of essential oils.

For thousands of years, this has been how mother nature repelled pesky, disease-bearing insects.

Surely there is no better way of insect repelling than a method proven by thousands of years of efficiency.

These essential oils prove to be the best deterrent for insects, especially ticks.

Terra Shield Spray exploits these beneficial properties of plants and transform it to a compact and robust tick repellent.

Natural and organic, Terra Shield Spray negates the negative effects of using synthetic products.

The formula contains essential oils from Ylang Ylang, Catnip, Lemon Eucalyptus, Litsea, Arborvitae, and Cedarwood, among others.

A potent, yet safe formula, Terra Shield Spray offers efficient insect repelling actions without the harmful side effects of synthetic products.

An all natural formula would also mean that consumers of this product would be more eco-friendly.

With the ever constant threat of climate change, everyone must do their part in preserving mother earth.

Patronizing eco-friendly, natural products such as Terra Shield Spray would contribute to the collective effort of saving the planet.

Terra Shield Spray also incorporated Tamanu oil in its formula.

A purchase of this product also helps in the livelihood of harvesters in Madagascar, which is the major source of Tamanu oil in the product.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Can be used by anybody in the family
  •  A purchase of this product helps underprivileged workers in Madagascar
  • Potent yet safe to use formula
  • 100% natural
  • Antiseptic propertiesamazon button

8. Amrita Bugs Be Gone

Amrita Aromatherapy bug repellent employs Gas Chromatography Technology, which greatly lengthens the effectiveness of this bug spray.

Not only does Amrita repel bugs, especially ticks, it also contributes to the overall well-being as it incorporates various essential oils used for aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy has been found out to reduce stress and anxiety in users.

One’s overall well being would be greatly uplifted with the use of Amrita Aromatherapy.

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon with the full benefits of essential oils aromatherapy minus the hassles of insect bites.

This would just be the perfect stress reliever after a long day of back breaking work.

One can just think of an evening on a hammock, a rug, on the porch, or maybe on the grass, relaxing, reading or stargazing.

Would that be so much to ask for?

Insects, especially ticks could easily ruin such a fantasy.

Amrita Aromatherapy would see to it that these fantasies would be materialized.

This product makes wonders to consumers; ensuring quality in every single drop.

The mixture of Citronella, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Catnip, and many more sums up to a natural and organic formula that contradicts the effects of using chemical based bug spray.

Amrita is designed to accommodate different users.

Variations of the product include Amrita for kids, Amrita for adults, and Amrita for pets.

Maximizing efficiency while putting health and well-being as a priority is reflected by making variations of the product.

Truly, Amrita cares for every consumer it reaches and holds itself to the highest of standards.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Variations of product accommodate all ages and even pets
  • Made up of a potent concoction of essential oils
  • Does not stain clothes and skin
  •  DEET free and 100% natural and organic
  • Contains Eucalyptus Citriodora which is effective against mosquitoes carrying West Nile Virusamazon button

9. Shabby Chick Insect Repellent

The average household hosts a dozen of fleas or ticks lying around in every corner.

Even the most introverted of people may fall victim to insect bites, especially of ticks.

The demand for a sustainable, eco-friendly, all natural insect repellent is at a constant rise.

This is where essential oil products come into the spotlight.

Shabby Chick insect repellent may just be the perfect fit for the amateur adventurers.

Not only is it for outdoors use, Shabby Chick insect repellent can also be the perfect companion at home; as no where in the world is safe from those pesky insects.

It’s found in a study that Catnip essential oil is 10 times more effective than “Deet”.

Shabby Chick repellent is incorporated with Catnip essential oil to capture Mother Nature’s defense mechanism against insects.

Another advantage is that Catnip essential oil have no harmful effects to the body and is generally hypo allergenic.

A number of other essential oils are infused within the formula because what better way to do things than the natural way?

Shabby Chick Insect Repellent is perfect for those who prefer a subtler kind of bug spray.

The faint citronella scent is quaint and is delicately handles so as to not give off a strong musky smell.

Gardeners and the casual outdoor enthusiasts are the perfect fit for this product.

One can now do the perfect, picturesque garden setup without worrying about nasty tick bites.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Uses Catnip essential oil which is 10x more effective than “Deet”
  • Wide variety of bug deterrence
  • Faint and light fragrance
  • 100% natural
  • Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory propertiesamazon button

10. Nantucket Spider Repellent

This maybe one of the most versatile tick repelling sprays out there.

Users can range from kids to horses! Yes, horses!

We’re not even exaggerating, after all, our fur friends deserve the same care and protection we have.

They should be cherished and therefore protected from the elements.

Nantucket Spider Repellent, as versatile as it’s, could be used on our beloved pets.

It could also be used by adults and children with proper supervision.

Again like all of the previous products, this formula is heavily based on essential oils from plants.

The organic mixture of such negates any harmful and non-beneficial characteristics of chemical based repellent.

Nantucket certainly is one of the handiest sprays because of its pocket sized bottles.

Don’t be fooled by the tiny package though, as this tiny spray packs a huge punch.

Highly effective and potent considering the volume per bottle.

Again, no “Deet” is used in the making of this product and Nantucket boasts a hundred percent all natural mixture.

Perfect for those going out the country or those who are going to travel by air.

Pros & Benefits:
  •  Pocket sized bottle
  •  Highly potent solution
  • 100% Natural
  •  Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties
  • Repels a wide variation of different insectsamazon button

Final Thoughts

A selection of a variety of natural or organic products is always a better alternative to chemical or synthetic formulas.

One need not worry as the variety in products ensure that every consumer would be able to choose the most compatible product for them.

Gone are the days where we sacrifice our health and/or general well being for a bit of comfort.

With these list, we could gain an insight to the potentials of natural and organic products we can avail for everyday use.

Got any recommendations or suggestions?

Let us know on the comments down below!

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