🏅 10 Best Essential Oils For Men & Their Reviews [Updated 2019]

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We the collective consumer, are becoming increasingly informed about issues relating to what we consume, both in terms of nutrition, physical and mental well-being; the attraction to and demand for renewable energy, recyclables, organic food, and household products has risen dramatically since the turn of the millennium.

The area that interests us most is our health; we want to be well, and we want to live longer healthier lives, and so, our desire for alternatives to modern medicine has brought us some amazing practices from our ancestors and other cultures, among which is aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy can be experienced in any number of ways that men can enjoy.

Massages are a fantastic means by which we can reap the benefits of the essential oil, but they can also be consumed; applied topically; used in soaps and cleaning products; and diffused as a vapor to create the desired atmosphere in your home.

Essential oils are typically extracted through steam distillation or cold pressing plants that have been used in various cultures for thousands of years.

The Chinese, Indian, and Egyptian cultures harvested plants with special properties that provided them the tools to heal the body, mind, and spirit.

Modern science has discovered that these often sacred plants contain phytochemicals (active compounds or volatile organic compounds) that provide us with a whole bunch of benefits, ranging from improved gut health to mental clarity, to chemical-free pesticide.

There has been, for a long time, a lot of skepticism from men regarding aromatherapy – considered a feminine thing – but this is changing as more of us open our minds to Mother Nature’s bounty.

So, what do men want and need from essential oils?

What benefit can the modern man gain from using essential oils as part of their daily routine or stocking their medicine cabinet?

We have put together a list of the ten best essential oils for men and their reviews for 2019.

10. Clary Sage

One huge benefit of Clary Sage is that it’s very effective in treating hair loss. Not every man suffers in the same way, but losing those luscious locks can be, for some, a debilitating and embarrassing period in a man’s life.

There is a sign behind the bar in a pub in a coastal village in Donegal, Ireland saying, “God made man in the image of himself. To the rest he gave hair”. My dad, affectionately known as the “Bald Eagle”, absolutely loved the idea.

If you don’t buy this attempt at glorifying baldness, then the clean, herby and earthy clary sage essential oil may be the choice for you because it contains linalyl acetate which is proven to not only promote hair growth but also strengthen the hair.

Clary Sage also makes a perfect beard oil; combine with jojoba (ho-ho-ba, not joe-joe-ba), Argan, Cedarwood, Neroli, and Vitamin E for a full, sensuous and healthy beard.


Pro & Benefits:
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Aphrodisiac
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Calms nerves impulses (controlling convulsions and spasms)
  • Anti-depressant

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9. Vetiver

It’s possible you’ve never heard of vetiver, but you’ve most definitely splashed some on your face before a date or smelled it on someone passing by. Its fragrance speaks of calm sophistication; it is an ideal reliever of stress and combines well with lavender and rose oils to help you feel at peace.

Vetiver has been valued by the cosmetic industry for decades because of its rich woody and earthy aroma, reminiscent of fresh-cut grass on a spring morning, but this essential oil is packed full of powerful antioxidants. It can be rubbed into the skin with coconut oil for an effective anti-aging treatment.

Recent studies have shown that Vetiver has promise for combatting the side-effects of chemotherapy and fighting against other medications that result in toxicity.  It’s always recommended to discuss with an oncologist before adding any form of aromatherapy to a treatment regime.

Pro & Benefits:
  • Bug Repellent – Works on ticks carrying Lyme Disease
  • Helps to manage anxiety
  • Helps heal wounds and prevent scarring
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Treats acne and other skin problems

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8. Peppermint

Everybody loves minty fresh breath, but peppermint also is great for aching joints and muscles; if you’re the outdoorsy type or into bodybuilding, this oil will help relax and soothe after a hard hike or heavy workout.

All members of the mint family contain menthol; another fantastic anti-inflammatory, but it’s most abundant in peppermint giving this essential oil great cooling and soothing properties, which is why a lot of over-the-counter stomach and nausea medications contain it.

Those with chronic back pain, muscle or headaches will benefit from a few drops rubbed onto skin in a carrier oil such as coconut or almond oil. The menthol in the oil acts as an anesthetic, cooling and relieving pain and discomfort.

Hit that mid-afternoon slump and can’t concentrate? You’ll find a touch of Peppermint oil will perk you up and make you feel more alert. What better way to naturally reduce your caffeine intake?

Pro & Benefits:
  • Treats irritable bowel syndrome
  • Good for respiratory problems
  • Alleviates itchiness in rashes
  • Fends off mosquitos
  • Stimulates blood circulation

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7. Lemon

Refreshing, zesty and invigorating lemon essential oil has many uses for health and healing but also as a cleaning product, and wood polish; if you’ve ever owned a guitar, you’ll probably have used it on your fretboard.

This essential oil contains important organic compounds that have shown to detoxify the liver, making it an extraordinary combatant against diseases like cirrhosis. The oil can be absorbed slowly through the soles of your feet giving you the detox you need, as well as treating bunions, corns and calluses.

Who doesn’t want younger-looking, smoother feeling skin? A few drops of this citrusy oil added to your daily facial cleanser will do just that. The astringent properties of lemon oil help to clean excess sebum or your skin and causes contraction of cells helping to close those pores.

Pro & Benefits:
  • Anti-fungal
  • Bug Repellant
  • Increases concentration
  • Anti-sceptic
  • Supports the immune system

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6. Lavender

Lavender has been used around the home for millennia due to its many wondrous properties. In the bedroom, it keeps the bedbug population down; mosquitos, moths, fleas, and flies hate it. It even protects other plants from pests.

One of the other bedroom benefits that not many men are aware of is that it’s excellent for our sexual and reproductive health. Not only does its heady, floral aroma relax, but it improves penile blood flow, and reduces damage to sperm cells caused by damaging habits like smoking.

It is becoming more and more widely used to treat erectile dysfunction and other male reproductive issues. It increases male arousal and according to studies, apparently, paired with pumpkin pie, is the number one arousing aroma for men. I’m sure that made you blink in confusion as much as it did me.

Besides being good for those intimate evenings – or mornings, whatever – few drops of lavender oil under the pillowcase never fails to calm and relax an overworked mind at night and soothe you into a peaceful sleep.

Pro & Benefits:
  • Treats anxiety
  • Heals wounds
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Fights infection
  • Helps digestion issues

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5. Eucalyptus

Found ‘down under’, in Australia, the oil from the leaves of the Eucalyptus tree is a go-to for treating a range of common respiratory problems; you’ll probably have had cough drops and throat pastilles containing eucalyptus.

According to a study, there are several times the number of American men suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) than are diagnosed. Eucalyptus oil is being used because of its immunity-boosting properties and inhibits hypersecretion of mucins that line the airways to treat COPD.

If you suffer from joint or muscle problems, the cooling quality of Eucalyptus can help to alleviate the pain and inflammation that comes with conditions like arthritis and muscle fatigue. It can be inhaled through steam diffusion or applied topically in an ointment.

You will also find it useful when stressed as Eucalyptus oil has been suggested to reduce blood pressure and treat cold sores.

Pro & Benefits:
  • Reduces pain and inflammation
  • Aids wound recovery
  • Decongestant and expectorant
  • Insect bite relief
  • Treats gingivitis and tooth cavities

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4. Cedarwood

Cedarwood has a complex, earthy and masculine fragrance which is why it’s one of the most popular choices in colognes and aftershaves.

This essential oil extracted from the bark of the cedar tree can help by uplifting your mood, relieving stress and anxiety, making it a great addition to the treatment of depression which plagues more American men than women.

Cedrol, one of the many active compounds in cedarwood is a proven anxiolytic that targets neurotransmitters in the brain, balancing the chemicals responsible for anxiety.

It has also been found to be effective in treating skin conditions like eczema, reducing the itchy, dry inflamed areas of skin. It is a natural astringent like lemon oil making this another consummate acne treatment.

Pro & Benefits:
  • Insecticidal – very effective against moths and fleas
  • Anti-microbial
  • Diuretic – draws water and salt from the body
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Treats scalp conditions like dandruff and eczema

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3. Oregano

Besides being a vital ingredient in your pasta sauce, oregano boasts a wide variety of benefits; grow this herb in your garden to keep bugs at bay and protect your other fruit and veggies, then cook with it.

As an oil, oregano is incredibly potent both in smell and action. It must be mixed with a carrier oil because it is so powerful it can burn skin and your insides.

Don’t let that put you off this oil though. Oregano oil works wonders for feet afflicted by fungal and bacterial infections – as a longtime sufferer of pitted keratolysis who tried everything, this works and works fast!

It can also be used to treat varicose veins, migraines, psoriasis and many other conditions.

Pro & Benefits:
  • Cancer suppressant
  • Anti-diabetic
  • Anti-oxidizing
  • Balances gut bacteria
  • Treats a variety of skin conditions

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2. Turmeric

Turmeric oil, (warm, spicy, woody and earthy) a spice native to India, has been used in Ayurvedic practices for centuries, and has become known as a cure-all across the whole planet; you can find it everywhere from dietary supplements to lattes, cupcakes to smoothies.

Curcumin, one of the many 300 plus phytochemicals present in Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory (more powerful than ibuprofen) as well as being anticarcinogenic. Include Turmeric oil in your treatments for arthritis or other conditions of chronic pain and inflammation.

Turmeric was discovered in a study in 2015 to affect the cell signaling pathways, restricting them which may help to stop or slow the growth of malignant cells. One of the most significant responses was in treating prostate enlargement, both benign and malignant.

Pro & Benefits:
  • Improves immune response
  • Relieves aches and pains in joints
  • Encourages the growth of healthy skin
  • Promotes positive emotions and improves mood
  • Supports cell and nerve function

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1. Valerian

The strong, musky aroma of Valerian isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but the essential oil made from the root of the valerian plant is one which has so many health benefits, it would be a sin to not include it in our list.

Valerian has lots of history in parts of Europe and Asia for its use in healing the body and the mind; it has been used in combination with hops (the very same that flavor our beers) to calm and treat sleeping problems.

One of the most surprising benefits of this essential oil is that it’s great for the heart and has a lot of promise in treating and averting heart disease, one of the biggest killers in our society.

If you’re not a fan of the scent of Valerian, consider blending it with sweet Lavender, Cedarwood, Lemon and macadamia nut oil.

Pro & Benefits:
  • Prevents heart palpitations
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Good for stomach and digestive health
  • Slows the appearance of aging on the skin
  • Anti-spasmodic – great for treating muscle spasms

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Final Thoughts

There are so many great essential oils out there and we hope this list helps you find the right ones for you.

Check with an aromatherapist and/or consult with your doctor if you are taking medications as some essential oils can have adverse reactions with other chemicals in your system.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article on the 10 best essential oils for men and their reviews for 2019.

If you see one that’s not on the list and should be, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

Live long. Live healthily. Feel great. Smell great.

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