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🏅 10 Best Uses For Frankincense Essential Oil: Pros & Benefits

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Extremely old, used for thousands of years and still today on the top of the list of the most potent essential oils.

Of course, we talk about frankincense essential oil, a sacred liquid used even in ancient times, sourced from the resin of the Boswellia carterii or Boswellia sacra tree, with the origin from the current countries of Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Oman, Yemen, and India.

This type of oil is wildcrafted which means that it’s sourced from the plant that grows in the wild and it’s always unsprayed, so the real frankincense essential oil is completely organic with no toxic ingredients.

Commonly used in aromatherapy for healing and cosmetic purposes, frankincense essential oil is a robust and energetic oil with a sweet and woody scent.

It can be absorbed through the skin, but also inhaled, taken as a supplement and even put into a tea.

Sometimes it’s called Olibanum, Levonah, Luban, and Khunk, depending on the part of the world where it’s used.

In the Middle East reports say frankincense was produced as far back as 7,000 BC and used in religious ceremonies as it was called “holy anointing oil.”

But the first encounter most people have with frankincense is from The Bible and the story about The Three Wise Men in which The Mages arrive from the East and present little Jesus with gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Even in that ancient era frankincense has been valued equally as gold and nowadays even more with many health benefits crucial for today’s humanity of which we single out these ten uses as the best for frankincense essential oil.

Brain assistance

Frankincense essential oil is fantastic for the brain, as it assists the mind, promotes healthy brain function, and it’s known as the best oil for brain injuries because it has the power to reduce inflammation.

As an organ that serves as the center of the nervous system, the brain needs to receive enough oxygen to maintain its functionality and biochemicals in essential oils can help with that.

Therefore, frankincense can help to increase oxygenation and also help to calm and sedate the nervous system, which is essential for its functionality.

The best way to use it for the benefit of the brain and to reduce the effects of the pain-inflammation cycle that appears following brain injury is inhalation, by breathing in aromatic molecules with the help of the diffuser.

When you breathe in the aromatic molecules of frankincense essential oil, it goes straight into your brain and starts to affect there.

Useful for breathing issues

Frankincense essential oil is also decongesting, great for the lungs, and valuable for the entire respiratory system.

It’s useful for any breathing and respiratory issues you can imagine as it improves lung capacity.

With its anti-inflammatory properties, frankincense can open the breathing passages and clear the airways in the body, helping with sinus infections and also soothing a cough.

For centuries it has been used to treat bronchitis and asthma, while also the study about the effect of frankincense essential oil on patients with bronchial asthma concluded that 70% percent of participants reported improvements in symptoms thanks to receiving 300 mg of perfume three times a day for six weeks.

For the benefits of the respiratory system, inhalation with the help of the diffuser is also the best way to consume frankincense essential oil, and you need to make sure that the diffuser does not generate any heat and does not warm your essential oil.

All about the best diffusers for essential oils you can read here.

Great for the heart

Frankincense is an excellent heart tonic, as it can prevent heart diseases, which are one of the top causes of mortality.

As the most important muscular organ in our body, which pumps blood through the blood vessels, the heart needs an average heart rate, and this essential oil can help with that.

Frankincense can calm down the nervous system, thanks to its ability to encourage longer and slower breaths, securing an average heart rate, which is between 60 and 100 bpm for the average resting adult.

It can reduce the type of inflammation common to heart diseases.

The studies showed that frankincense is beneficial while fighting atherosclerosis, a disease-causing hardening of the arteries, which is the primary cause of coronary heart disease.

It can also be helpful with reducing heart rate and high blood pressure and may, therefore, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The study published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology in the year 2012 concluded that while trying to reduce heart rate and high blood pressure the perfect amount of exposure to essential oil is somewhere between 45 and 60 minutes.


Frankincense is one of the best essential oils you can use for your skin, and it’s suitable for probably any skin condition you can think of.

As it is cell regenerating and has a soothing effect on irritated skin, frankincense is used for dealing with occasional rashes as well as knitting the wounds and is known as one of the best anti-aging essential oils.

Frankincense has a rejuvenating effect on mature skin and is useful in invigorating the complexion, minimizing the appearance of scars, as well as reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

With his antibacterial properties, it is used for treating the skin on almost every part of our body as a lotion or a body wash powder.

It is known as “the liquid gold for your face,” but with a lot of tips and tricks how to apply essential oils on face out there, we must outline that frankincense essential oil needs to be dispersed in a suitable carrier to use on the skin if you want to avoid an adverse reaction.

Coconut or jojoba oil is known as the best carrier oils for frankincense, as they do not clog pores and that makes them an excellent carrier oil option for facial moisturizers, massage oils and also bath oils.

Releases negative emotions

Clearing negativity surrounding us in the fast and furious modern era is one of the most critical tasks for every individual to be able to survive.

Negative thoughts and emotions can contribute to falling into depression, as well as other ill states of mind.

Essential oils can help with that, especially frankincense, which is built from neuro-active chemicals that have a substantial effect on emotions, and it’s very grounding.

There are many reports that frankincense can stabilize the mood with its ability to relax and yet elevate at the same time.

It’s emotionally uplifting and the number one essential oil for the trauma of all kinds, including depressed and anxious feelings, fears, worries, and grief.

With its sincere, calm, energetic, and woody aroma, many people found frankincense profoundly spiritual, and that’s why it is often used for calming breath during meditation and other religious acts.

An animal study showed it could relieve anxiety, and it is believed that frankincense while going straight into the limbic system by inhalation can have a significant influence on the nervous system.

Good for relieving pain

Frankincense is an excellent weapon in a war against inflammation inside our body, thanks to terpenes and boswellic acids, its most active anti-inflammatory compounds.

That’s good news if you have arthritis, especially osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, or some other disease with symptoms of swelling, stiffness, and pain.

Resin from which is frankincense essential oil sourced indeed has an analgesic, tranquilizing and anti-bacterial effect.

As studies have shown, after treatment with frankincense patients who have arthritis, report their joints to be less swelling with a reduced amount of pain and also a better ability of movement.

Results of the research also showed that boswellic acids could be as effective as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, but with less adverse side effects.

It is known that inflammation is one of the most severe causes of pain in the human body.

Therefore, frankincense essential oil with its anti-inflammatory properties will always be a right choice of treatment of diseases which cause pain in our body, and it has also been used to treat bone and muscle pain, as well as joint pain.

Fighting against bacteria in your mouth

Essential oils can be used to kill the bacteria and infections that cause bad breath, so it’s not a surprise that they have been used to support gum health for centuries.

Regarded as one of the best essential oils products for bad breath, frankincense essential oil has antiseptic properties and anti-inflammatory effect, so it’s a natural solution in the fight against the bacteria in your mouth.

The bacteria in the mouth can cause plaque, cavities, tooth decay, and also bad breath.

Frankincense is efficient in fighting against these diseases caused by bacteria while supporting healthy gums.

The study entitled “The effect of Frankincense” concluded that all groups of patients treated with frankincense showed significant decreases of gingivitis, which is a periodontal tissue inflammatory disease.

As a result of all its benefits, frankincense got his toothpaste, by mixing it with baking soda and sometimes with thyme and peppermint, with the mission to make teeth smooth and shiny and give you freshest possible breath.

Boosts and strengthens your immune system

Because of the components, it contains frankincense essential oil can increase and enhance the immune system.

Frankincense does it in two different ways, by increasing the body’s first defense team of lymphocytes and also by preventing inflammation that can wake up most of the chronic diseases.

A decade ago, animal research on mice showed that by taking frankincense orally multiple levels of their immune system were stimulated, including immunoglobulins, t-cell interactions, cytokines and there was also a delayed hypersensitivity reaction.

Therefore, Boswellia serrata, the tree from which frankincense is sourced has a reputation for being effective in treating autoimmune conditions, especially Crohn’s disease, bronchial asthma, ulcerative colitis, and bronchial asthma.

Detoxifying your body

Detoxification is a process of getting rid of toxins and other unwanted substances from your body and thereby improving health and losing weight if necessary.

Toxin is any foreign substance in our body that can cause a disease and you cannot avoid them in our era, with all this modern machine, factories, exhaust fumes, plastics, pesticides, and harsh cleaning products around us, but with the help of essential oils as one of the natural remedies you can detox and prevent the toxic overload.

There are a variety of methods to achieve detox and minimize the effect of toxins on our health, but frankincense essential oil is one of the best.

Using frankincense essential oil in a therapeutic massage or on a diffuser is an excellent way to get rid of toxins from your body, with its utterly organic nature.

Ally when dealing with cancer

As an essential ally in the fight against the inflammation inside our bodies, frankincense is believed to have the ability to also fight against the disease.

The biggest problem with fighting cancer is that cancer cells are not foreign invaders, but body’s cells which went out of control, attacking healthy tissue.

That makes it extremely hard to fight cancer without killing healthy cells, and the most cancer treatment does precisely that, especially chemotherapy, which kills as many healthy cells as cells attacked by a disease.

However, there is some evidence that frankincense can fight cancer cells without harming healthy ones.

A decade ago, the study entitled “Frankincense oil derived from Boswellia carteri induces tumor cell-specific cytotoxicity” looked at how frankincense affected cancerous and healthy bladder cells, with the result of not destroying healthy cells, while targeted cancerous cells.

Year later immunologist Mahmoud Suhail has observed the effect of frankincense while fighting cancer and realized there is some substance within it, which stops the disease spreading, and which can make cancerous cells to close themselves down.

Suhail teamed up with medical scientists from the University of Oklahoma with the mission to find the agent inside the frankincense responsible for cancer cells to close down and that resulted with some cases of colon and breast cancer declining, shrinking and even disappearing in less than a month after using Boswellia sacra extract, even in the later stages, but therapy working on all kind of cancer patients is yet to be found.

In recent times, there were other researches which had optimistic results as well.

Lab research from 2015 has shown that frankincense could cancer cells in the breast region and also disrupt the growing of cancer cells.

In 2016 scientists Ali Ridha, Mustafa Al-Yasiri and Bozena Kiczorowska concluded that it contains substances that have anti-tumor properties and could prevent cancer cells from growing.

Even though these results are early and the magic formula is still to be found, there is hope that substances of frankincense might take one-day fight cancer without the dangerous side-effects of chemotherapy and other aggressive treatment, with the final result of apoptosis, controlled cell death that can stop the disease for spreading.

Almost perfect essential oil

After we go through all the benefits of frankincense essential oil, we are not surprised anymore that people call it “The Holy Grail of Health Products.”

Amazingly, a natural organic product sourced from the resin of the Boswellia carterii or Boswellia sacra tree can be beneficial for as many health issues as frankincense essential oil can be.

Thanks to its ability to fight inflammation in our body, it can treat brain injuries, arthritis, asthma, Crohn’s disease, atherosclerosis, muscle, and bone pain.

Frankincense essential oil is an excellent support to gum health while being useful in getting rid of the bacteria inside our mouth, which is known for causing cavities and bad breath, plaque, and tooth decay.

It is also fantastic for your skin, as it deals with great success with cracked, dry, red, or bruised skin while being also a part of anti-aging therapy, thanks to its rejuvenating effect.

Frankincense is a great product for detox; it boosts and strengthens your immune system and is successful in treating autoimmune conditions while releasing negative emotions as number one essential oil for the trauma of all kinds.

But the most crucial thing about frankincense essential oil is that it is giving hope for the humanity that due to its amazing properties one day the most deadly disease of all time, known by the name of cancer can be beaten.

That’s why we will probably hear a lot more about frankincense essential oil in the future, and the majority of households will have products based on this amazing oil as mandatory in their homes…

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