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Category: Health

Is Coconut Oil an Essential Oil? Find Out The Facts

Hi there again! Welcome back to another essential oil article. We have been talking a lot about essential oils, right? At this point I know that you’re already familiar with a lot of them. Of course, you can’t possibly be acquainted with all of them, but I’m sure you have already tried enough to know […].

The Effects of Inhaling Too Much Peppermint Oil

It’s fine to inhale peppermint oil, but as always–in moderation. Scientists have made in depth research on peppermint and have come up with noteworthy recommendations on how to use it daily without putting our health in danger. They have also identified some diseases which are caused by too much inhaling peppermint oil. If you’re interested […].

Does Peppermint Oil Cause Miscarriage When Pregnant?

Does peppermint oil cause miscarriage when pregnant? During pregnancy, most of the women are more preoccupied with their health and many of them are usually overreacting when they’re not well informed. Pregnancy is an amazing period, with a lot of new sensations in the body and new healthy behaviors. Pregnancy can strengthen the body and […].