How To Learn About Essential Oils?

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The world of essential oils may seem like a daunting one if you’re just starting out, with so much to discuss, research, review and consider it’s completely understandable if one is overwhelmed when taking their first step into this area of beauty and cosmetics.

Thankfully, things have never been easier when it comes to actually breaking through the intimidating walls of essential oils as there is a myriad of different options you can take the begin learning all about them.

What are these options though? In this blog we will run through a few different areas you can approach this with.


Of course, the best place to start when learning about anything is to read a few books as there is so much information in one small package.

Normally, they get down to the nitty-gritty, providing you with information that you need but with the author’s experiences tying it all nicely together, making it seem like a cohesive story rather than just a collection of recommendations.

You may however be thinking that there are so many books out there on essential oils, where do I start here? Thankfully, we’ve picked out a few to begin your journey.

These books provide enough information to give you the details that matter without overwhelming you with jargon.

Essential Oils for Beginners is perfect for those who are just starting out on their journey, providing a list of over 60 essential oils that you can use and blend together to create unique aromas and uses.

Each oil has its own brief description, with the properties and main uses and other oils that it can blend with, alongside the safety precautions listed in a handy glossary.

Ultimately, this book is a comprehensive and complete guide to getting started with essential oils that should almost certainly give you a head start among your peers.

Learn how essential oils work, the history of the most popular variants, how to buy and store them and even how you can use your oil from different therapeutic uses beyond just skincare and into realms you never even considered before.

Perhaps you’re bit more than a beginner, you’ve been tinkering with essential oils for a while now and want to take your knowledge to the next level?

One of the more popular books from 2019 so far is Whole Beauty: Essential Oils: Homemade Recipes for Clean Beauty and Household Care by Shiva Rose.

Despite the mouthful of a title, this book, published earlier this year is a great tool for getting you to think outside of the box when you want to learn about essential oils.

From “recipes for daily home use (dish-washing liquid and a bleach alternative), to beauty (toners and essential oil perfumes), and more” according to the book’s description, it can provide a thorough list of uses for essential oils in a wide range of different areas.

This is the perfect book for those who want to take the next step in their use of essential oils and want to go beyond just using it in their skincare or beauty regimen.

Maybe you want to jump straight to the core, get into the head of the experts who have been dealing with essential oils for years and really know their stuff?

Well, The Expert’s Guide to Aromatherapy & Essential Oils for Health: A – Z of Ailments and Natural Remedies to Treat Them by Danièle Ryman is perfect for you. Ryman is considered to be a leading authority on natural health and well-being by many across the world.

This book was made as a quick reference guide to refer to if you ever have a health or beauty concern when it comes to using essential oils. She only recommends inexpensive and basic items, with widely available foods, plants and oils being suggested, allowing anyone to dive in.

This is the perfect book to have by your side, to check something quickly and find the information you need.

Online Courses 

Of course, a book can only get you so far. Only you can judge if the material has truly gone in or not.

We all learn in different ways and so you may want to consider an online course as a source of learning about essential oils, and making sure that whatever you learned, stays learned and remains in your head.

Whilst there are many options available when it comes to these types of courses, they can vary in different ways, from costs, to content, to hours of study and even time limits in some cases.

However, if you consider yourself a bit of a scholar and fancy taking on a course in your spare time and really get to grips with essential oils, here are a few options for you.

Like many courses in so many subjects, it inevitably comes back around to business. A diploma course such as the one provided by the Centre of Excellence is a prime example of this.

With around 150 hours of study time, over 7 modules with no time limit and 100% online forms of study with a tutor on-hand to provide support, this is the most simple way of starting an education in essential oils that is certified and accredited.

It’s certainly the most complete way of doing so, you have someone on hand to ensure you know the material before moving on, showcasing the fact that you do indeed know your wild orange from your melaleuca!

A quick Google search for essential oils online courses can present you with a wide selection to choose from, chances are there will be something to fit your learning style or price range, but that part is up to you.

YouTube videos and tutorials

The more cost-effective alternative to an online course is to browse around YouTube and find videos and playlists about essential oils and do your learning this way instead.

Whilst an online course will streamline everything and provide you with the facts and information you need, a YouTube video can do the same but for no cost at all.

With that in mind, a YouTube video may also provide extra tidbits of information that you simply couldn’t find in a course, these real life experiences are the very core of what makes these videos so great.

From informal lists of uses for essential uses for Renne Amberg to free to watch webinar’s that last well over an hour, along with an abundance of crash courses, doing a bit of research on YouTube could provide you with a goldmine of information.

You just have to do the digging!

Get your hands (not so) dirty!

Just do it yourself! What better way is there to learn about essential oils than actually getting to grips with all the different aromas in your own time?

It’s all well and good sitting at a desk, reading all about them but the true learning experience when it comes to essential oils is in the smell, the texture and everything else that comes along with the physical playing around of oils.

Taking that first whiff of rose oil for instance, with it’s delicate but very intense aroma can be the first step into even more extravagant and delicious oils and can truly drive someone to seek out the perfect aroma for them.

Maybe you like the idea of combining lavender and sandlewood? Try it! See what happens, blend them together to create your own unique variant and learn what works for you and what doesn’t

If you’re a complete novice and want to get started but don’t know the first thing about blending or even where to buy essential oils to begin with, try combining all of the above for a sure fire way to kick-start your journey into essential oils and all the joys that come with it.

If you’ve progressed to more advanced levels with essential oils after spending some serious time with them, finding out your favourites, discussing them with your friends, seeking out the rarer variants and sampling what you can, where do you go next?

Live Events and Classes

These can of course come in all different shapes and sizes, and levels of ability but the one thing that can tie a live event about essential oils together is the experience of actually getting a serious hands-on alongside other people can be second to none in most cases.

These may not always be available in your area so your mileage could vary here depending on where you live but if you’re serious about essential oils and want to spread the love, it could always be worth keeping a close eye on websites like Eventbrite and checking to see if there are any essential oils related events in your area in the near future.

This can then be extended to things like Facebook Groups and other social media followings for your local community and allows people who are genuinely interested (and want to be interested) in essential oils to find each other and learn at their own pace and get to know each other.

Blogs and articles

That’s why you’re here isn’t it? Maybe books are a little bit too dense for you but you still want to learn via the written word?

Internet blogs and articles (like the one you’re reading right now!) could be a great gateway for essential oil facts and trivia, from learning about what exactly an essential oil is and where it comes from, right down to advice on diffusers and even lists of what oils to combine in specific months of the year to get the most out of them.

Easy to digest and getting right down to the facts without the waffle that you might find in a 300-page guide or a YouTube vlog, these articles tend to feed you the information you want, and nothing more, simply cutting the fat, just the necessary details.

For example, say you really like the smell of a particular essential oil but you don’t know what way to go about actually adding it into your daily life?

CallMeOil has the perfect solution, taking a look a list of 7 things to do with essential oils is right down your street with a range different thoughts and practical ideas for everyday usage.

If you’re a beard grower, you may have heard that essential oils can be useful for growth and improving the thickness of your beard, but how does one go about actually implementing oils into their regime? Not only can you find some genuine recommendations for oils to buy, but also ways in which to use essential oil and what the actual benefits are all in the one article.

With so many possibilities and ways to learn about essential oils, it can maybe seem a bit overwhelming at first, especially if you’re brand new to the scene.

However, there literally is something for everyone, and that goes two-fold. From ways of learning about essential oils, to what you can actually do with them.

Whether you’re a brand new user looking to take your first tentative steps into the world of essential oils, an expert wanting to connect with fellow oil aficionados in your area, or just browsing around, looking for some casual uses.

From books to blogs, free YouTube videos to paid-for online courses and more. Getting to learning about essential oils from the ground up at a time, place and way that suits you is open to all possibilities, you just have to find out which way is the right one for you.

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