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Category: Knowledge

The Best Methods Of Obtaining Volatile Oils

Isn’t it wonderful to walk into a room and be surrounded by a subtle fragrance? Having fresh cut flowers brings the scents of summer into the home for a little while. But imagine if we can capture that perfume and have it easily accessible – anytime. Fragrances are used extensively in perfumes, soaps, cosmetics, incense […].

10 Most Common Essential Oil Overdose Symptoms

Essential oils are fragrant substances found in the cells of plant secretion tissue. They’re obtained industrially from fresh or dried plants. They’re characterized by a liquid consistency and a pleasant fragrance. These oils are becoming more and more popular for various ailments, such as allergies, depression, and digestive disorders.  They can also have antiseptic, calming, expectorant, […].

Essential Oil Basics: The Benefits & How To Get Started

We’re guessing that you’ve heard the term ‘essential oils’ from many blogs and sites around the web.  You’re probably curious about them and their intended usage.  You’re probably curious too about how to incorporate them into your day-to-day life and experience the wonderful benefits they offer.  In this article, we’ll try to educate you on […].