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🏅 10 Best Uses For Eucalyptus Essential Oil

We all know eucalyptus, also known as blue gum, fever tree or gum tree, a tree associated to and eaten by koalas are found from the land down under or Australia and also native to Tasmania. Almost all eucalypts are evergreen, meaning they retain their green-colored leaves throughout the year. Conveniently, eucalyptus can be harvested […].

What is Cypress Essential Oil Used For?

Cypress tree has different species and Cypress Essential Oil, in particular, came from the Cupressus Sempervirens, also known as the Mediterranean cypress, Italian cypress, or Persian cypress. It grows in the Mediterranean region and is native to the countries of Libya, Albania, Greece, Syria, Italy, and Turkey, to name a few. Cypress Essential Oil has […].

How To Learn About Essential Oils?

The world of essential oils may seem like a daunting one if you’re just starting out, with so much to discuss, research, review and consider it’s completely understandable if one is overwhelmed when taking their first step into this area of beauty and cosmetics. Thankfully, things have never been easier when it comes to actually […].

What Are Essential Oils Made Of?

Essential oils have many medicinal benefits and effects. These oils have been around since ancient times. They are a staple factor in the alternative medicine industry. You may know the uses of essential oils, but do you know what they are made of? Essential oil is an oil obtained by distillation and having the characteristics […].

How Do Essential Oils Affect Emotions?

Modern science confirms that the power of smells influences a person’s mood. Essential oils directly affect the limbic system, which is a part of the brain responsible for emotions, moods, pain, pleasure, and overall behavior. Fragrances have a hugely positive effect on the active emotions of a person. Properly selected aromas can help to cheer […].