What Is Rose Essential Oil Used For?

The rose, something we are all used to seeing, whether it be throughout English history as a nationwide symbol or as a mere gesture of love and goodwill, we can all relate a rose to a reasonable time of some kind- through rose-tinted glasses if you will. Of course, those thoughts will come a smell […].

How To Extract Essential Oils From Plants

What are essential oils Plants serve many purposes; it gives beauty to an environment; they are home for animals and nurture our bodies when consumed. Another great gifts they offer are their scent and flavor, their ‘essence’ and when derived, form the essential oils. This liquefied version reaches the bloodstream faster with its beneficial compounds […].

Top 7 Things To Do With Essential Oils

Oil is liquid-based fat, that is diverse and extremely valuable. Oils have existed since the time of dinosaurs, and they continue to be indispensable until today. Different forms of oils are used in modern times, for aromatherapy, skincare, haircare, and wellness. These are commonly referred to as essential oils. Essential oils are mainly natural oils, […].

🏅 10 Best Essential Oil Mouthwash Products for Bad Breath

Oral hygiene is key to making a good impression; imagine walking down the street, and realizing that everyone smiling back at you was tooth-less. Scary right!? Dental advice includes brushing your teeth twice daily, flossing, and s the use of mouthwashes of different types. It’s common to see chemical-based mouthwash across most oral hygiene aisle […].