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Is Coconut Oil an Essential Oil? Find Out The Facts

Hi there again! Welcome back to another essential oil article. We have been talking a lot about essential oils, right? At this point I know that you’re already familiar with a lot of them. Of course, you can’t possibly be acquainted with all of them, but I’m sure you have already tried enough to know […].

Are Essential Oils Legit? Advantages and Disadvantages

Actually, without research, it’s wise not to make judgments right away of anything. So, for this article, we have to learn about the purpose of essential oils, their benefits and negative aspects. Only then can we say whether they’re legit or not. WHAT ARE ESSENTIAL OILS? The concentrated hydrophobic oils which are extracted from plants […].

The Best Methods Of Obtaining Volatile Oils

Isn’t it wonderful to walk into a room and be surrounded by a subtle fragrance? Having fresh cut flowers brings the scents of summer into the home for a little while. But imagine if we can capture that perfume and have it easily accessible – anytime. Fragrances are used extensively in perfumes, soaps, cosmetics, incense […].

The Effects of Inhaling Too Much Peppermint Oil

It’s fine to inhale peppermint oil, but as always–in moderation. Scientists have made in depth research on peppermint and have come up with noteworthy recommendations on how to use it daily without putting our health in danger. They have also identified some diseases which are caused by too much inhaling peppermint oil. If you’re interested […].