🏅 10 Best Essential Oils for Emotional Healing [2019 Reviews]

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Scientific studies have found that being exposed to certain smells can make a tangible, positive difference in our mood and state of mind.

This is due to the fact that the sense of smell is directly linked to the part of our brain that deals with emotions.

Essential oils are able to tap into this emotional center of the brain, which makes them a valuable tool for emotional healing.

Some oils help relieve negative feelings such as depression, sadness, or hopelessness, while other oils may elicit positive feelings such as peace, happiness, and joy.

Mindful use of essential oils may be able to help you heal your emotional wounds and overcome past pain and trauma.

Read on to learn which symptoms each oil can help alleviate and how you can incorporate these essential oils into your healing journey.

So let’s get started with the 10 best essential oils for emotional healing and their 2019 reviews.

1. Basil

The first item on our list – Basil – might sound familiar, as it is often used in the kitchen, but essential basil oil has its own set of properties that make it an excellent companion for someone embarking on a healing journey.

You know those days when your brain feels like mush, and you can’t seem to pull yourself together?

Well, some of the naturally occurring chemicals in Basil essential oil actually help to increase mental alertness, so you should use this oil when you need to give your brain a much-needed boost of motivation and clarity.

Basil essential oil is also known to alleviate feelings of tension, depression, and anxiety, so it promotes emotional well-being by giving you the ability to do what you have to do on a daily basis.

It acts as a tonic for those feeling bogged down by feelings of emotional and physical fatigue and on a spiritual level basil oil can bring tranquility to the heart and mind which helps to quiet obsessive thought patterns and even combat addictive behaviors.

It strengthens a vulnerable mind and may help you find the resolve you need to help yourself heal emotionally.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or trapped in unhealthy thought patterns, you can alleviate these feelings by using Basil oil aromatically or massaging it over your solar plexus and heart.

You can use it throughout the day in order to give yourself a boost of mental and physical energy or you can use it at the end of the day in order to help you unwind and clear the mind.

This brand of Basil essential oil is recommended for aromatherapy purposes, and since it is 100% pure it is safe to use in your diffuser, but please note that you should not use Basil oil while pregnant.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Alleviates: addictive habits, anxiety, depression, fatigue (emotional and physical), obsessive thoughts, tension
  • Increases: mental alertness, sense of calm, strength of mind
  • Mix it with other items on this list: Bergamot, Hyssop, Lavender, Lemongrass, Peppermint
  • This brand is USDA Certified Organic
  • Can be used for cooking purposes

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2. Bergamot

So much emotional pain is due to holding onto the past experiences that have wounded us, but luckily, our friend Bergamot is here to help us begin the process of release.

This oil comes from the Bergamot fruit, which is a citrus fruit that is widely known for its role in flavoring Earl Grey tea.

However, like Basil, Bergamot has strong emotional healing properties as well.

This oil has the magical ability to help us let go.

Have you ever found yourself trapped in a negative state of mind in which you are telling yourself that you are not good enough, that you messed up, that you deserve to feel this emotional pain?

Bergamot essential oil can helps us heal because it helps us to move past these false perceptions of self that serve no purpose.

Bergamot essential oil can help us shift from a negative state of mind into a positive one and say goodbye to feelings of inferiority, inadequacy, and worthlessness.

If the emotional wounds you are carrying are causing strong feelings of anger and frustration, you could try applying five drops of Bergamot oil to a dry washcloth and placing it on your chest while you shower.

The heat of the shower will release the vapors, and as you breathe in, you’ll find that the cool, citrus scent will help dissipate those hot, unwelcome emotions.

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of perspective and using Bergamot essential oil can inspire inner strength and help those who are on an emotional healing journey to regain a much-needed sense of empowerment by re-channeling negative emotions.

Be careful to avoid sun exposure for three days to any areas where you’ve applied Bergamot to the skin

Pros & Benefits:
  • Alleviates: anger, anxiety, depression, frustration, limiting beliefs, stress-related conditions (such as nervous indigestion)
  • Increases: confidence, self-love, self-worth, self-acceptance
  • Mix it with other items on this list: Lavender, Ylang Ylang
  • Can be used aromatically, topically, or ingested (research how to use it safely)

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3. Frankincense

Frankincense has been treasured throughout history for a good reason. Its aroma promotes a general sense of well-being, and it is a valuable tool for emotional healing due to its ability to reveal deceptiveness and false truths.

It has been called the “Oil of Truth” as well as the “King of Oils” because it is such a powerful spiritual cleanser.

On a physical level, Frankincense promotes deep breathing and therefore is a good choice to use in a diffuser during meditation or other spiritual practices. When you can slow your breath, you are also inviting your thoughts and emotions to slow, which makes for a calmer mind.

The balancing and grounding properties of frankincense help to create a strong foundation for emotional healing and a safe space in which you can tackle the deep stuff.

Finding this balance and rooting yourself in the present can make it easier to combat extreme emotions and get to the root of your own inner truth.

Use this oil to aid you on your emotional healing journey if you have experienced a deep loss or if you are struggling with grief.

This oil has the miraculous ability to root you in the present moment with its warm deep, and rich scent if you are stuck in the past use Frankincense essential oil to help you focus on the potential for beauty and happiness in the present and release the burden of past pain and suffering.

This oil is safe to use while pregnant and can even be applied to a pregnant belly to help reduce stretch marks.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Alleviates: chronic anxiety, grief, negative feelings, stress
  • Increases: enlightenment, feelings of peace, relaxation, sense of focus
  • Mix it with other items on this list: Basil, Lavender, Sandalwood
  • An excellent option for a natural facial and skin treatment due to its non-toxic, non-irritant, and non-allergenic properties
  • This brand is USDA certified organic

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4. Hyssop

Hyssop is an evergreen garden herb that belongs to the mint family. Hyssop essential oil can have a very cleansing effect on the soul, and it is a valuable tool for emotional healing because it helps us to release feelings of judgment towards oneself and others.

Use this oil to do some emotional spring cleaning and rid yourself of burdensome negative thoughts.

If you feel guilty about something you’ve done, Hyssop can help to eliminate this sense of emotional uncleanliness.

Sometimes we look outward to find forgiveness, but emotional healing often requires looking inward and forgiving ourselves.

Hyssop has a purifying effect on those who are seeking forgiveness and may help you to absolve yourself of those feelings of guilt.

By releasing these feelings, one can be free of limiting beliefs that would stand in the way of emotional healing.

This oil can help you to re-connect to your sense of self-worth and allow you to move forward with your healing journey.

Diffuse Hyssop essential oil throughout a room to literally “clear the air” and eliminate bad vibes.

Or sprinkle a few drops in your bath in order to cleanse while cleansing in a literal sense emotionally.

This brand of oil has received great reviews on amazon.com and offers multiple different sizes, so you can buy a little to try it out, and if you find that you love it, you can upgrade to a bigger bottle.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Alleviates: anxiety, emotional fatigue, feelings of guilt or fear, nervous tension, stress
  • Increases: acceptance, concentration, emotional connection, self-love, sense of well-being
  • Mix it with other items on this list: Frankincense, Lavender
  • This brand is socially and environmentally conscious

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5. Lavender

Lavender is one of the most flexible and effective essential oils and helps combat a multitude of physical and emotional symptoms.

It is also a very gentle oil, so the chance of having an adverse reaction is very low.

Lavender essential oil might be a particularly useful place to start for people who want to use essential oils for emotional healing purposes because it helps to combat insomnia.

If you are one of those people who tosses and turns at night or lies in bed replaying all of your past mistakes and reliving bad memories, you would definitely benefit from introducing Lavender essential oil into your life.

Being able to get a good night’s sleep can make all of the difference in the world for one’s mental state and can help someone who is suffering emotionally begin their healing process.

To use lavender essential oil as a sleep aid, simply apply a few drops to a tissue and then stick the tissue in your pillowcase.

You could also diffuse it throughout the bedroom in the evening when you are getting ready to go to sleep.

Beyond that, Lavender oil helps to bring balance to one’s soul by lifting the weight of depression and sadness and allowing for honest communication and expression. You will feel noticeably calmer and more relaxed, which might help you to regain some inner peace.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Alleviates: anxiety, depression, insomnia, nerves, panic attacks, racing mind, stress, tension
  • Increases: relaxation, engagement, sense of calm, sense of security and peace
  • Mix it with other items on this list: Lemongrass blends well with most oils
  • This version comes with a free roller
  • One of the gentlest oils can be applied topically

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6. Lemongrass

Lemongrass essential oil is a bit like a natural reset button. The crisp, citrus smell of lemongrass helps to promote emotional healing by cleansing the soul of toxic energy and allowing one to move past emotional blockages or obstructions that stand in the way of healing.

If your emotional healing journey is at a standstill, try using Lemongrass essential oil to remove some of the mental obstacles in your path.

This oil will help alleviate feelings of despair and get you out of the mindset that things will always be this way.

If you find yourself constantly bumping up against negative thoughts and falling into toxic thought patterns, you can use this oil to train your mind to reject old ways of thinking and embrace positive change on emotional, physical and spiritual levels.

We don’t consciously mean to hold on to feelings and energies that are bad for us, but sometimes that is what we do when we have been emotionally wounded. At any time during the day when you feel like you need some clarity, you can apply 1-2 drops of Lemongrass essential oil to a tissue and inhale deeply.

This oil can also be applied topically or used in a diffuser depending on your preference.

An added benefit of Lemongrass oil is that it acts as a natural pain reliever so you can use it to tackle physical as well as emotional pain. This brand of oil comes with a dropper, so it will be easy to apply.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Alleviates: despair, emotional obstructions, negativity, toxic energies
  • Increases: energetic cleansing, feelings of liberation
  • Mix it with other items on this list: Bergamot, Lavender
  • Natural pain reliever

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7. Peppermint

The smell of peppermint might make you think of toothpaste or candy canes but as far as emotional healing goes the strength of Peppermint essential oil lies in bringing about a sense of rejuvenation to the heart and mind.

Do you feel like your mental energy is depleted, and you don’t have the energy to take positive steps towards emotional healing?

If you are grieving and are struggling to overcome feelings of hopelessness and pessimism, you can try using Peppermint essential oil to regain a sense of purpose in life and rediscover feelings of joy.

Peppermint essential oil can help one accept the past and come to terms with the events of their life – which is a crucial part of emotional healing.

This oil may allow you to gain an understanding of how the events of your life have affected you emotionally and give you the strength to continue the process of healing.

Incorporate Peppermint essential oil into your day in order to invigorate your mind and soul so that you can be productive and make the most of your day. Some people find it to be a very effective headache reliever as well.

If headaches are something that you deal with often, you can try relieving them naturally by rubbing Peppermint essential oil on your temples.

This brand of oil comes with a free travel size roller so that you can have easy access to a hit of Peppermint healing throughout the day.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Alleviates: depression, grief, hopelessness, mental fatigue, stress (especially emotional stress that manifests in the digestive system)
  • Increases: concentration, feelings of trust, feelings of understanding, mental agility
  • Mix it with other items on this list: Lavender
  • Peppermint oil has various household uses as well, so a big bottle won’t go to waste

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8. Rose

Rose essential oil is another valuable member of this list that can help to combat feelings of grief, specifically if you cope with pain by shutting yourself away and building walls around your heart.

The rich floral scent of Rose essential oil is appealing to most and invites one to open up and let their heart bloom outwards once again.

If you are having trouble letting love into your life for fear of being hurt, you can try using Rose oil to help open and strengthen the heart.

A heart that has been hurt needs time to heal, but sometimes people close themselves off to the possibility of love out of habit, because at one point it was what they needed to do to cope with trauma or loss.

Use Rose essential oil if you feel like you need help re-discovering the love in your life.

This should include self-love and the simple act of incorporating this oil into your day can be your way of treating yourself with kindness and care.

If you have anger towards other people in your life or damaged relationships that you would like to mend, this oil can help you to open your heart towards others and begin the process of healing those relationships.

This oil works well in a diffuser because with the diffuser you can make a little bit of oil last for a long time – which is what you will want to do with Rose essential oil as it is quite expensive. Sometimes you might think you’ve found a cheaper option, but Rose essential oil that is being sold at a low price point is often very diluted.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Alleviates: anger, depression, fear, grief, hard-heartedness, insomnia, stress, tension
  • Increase: calm, healing of relationships, peace, and relaxation
  • Mix it with other items on this list: Frankincense, Lavender
  • Opens the heart chakra
  • This brand is pure and undiluted

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9. Sandalwood

The deep, soft, sweet-woody scent of Sandalwood is grounding and reassuring and helps the mind to be clear and still.

Part of the process of emotional healing can involve becoming reacquainted with who we are at our core and Sandalwood can help us get to know ourselves on a deeper level.

Due to its grounding properties Sandalwood is used in prayer and meditation practices around the world.

If yoga or meditation is part of your daily routine, you could definitely consider defusing this oil in the room during your practice in order to increase the benefits of your practice.

Use this oil to ground yourself in the present and summon strength from within.

If you find yourself obsessing over things and overthinking the past, you should rub (diluted) Sandalwood essential oil on the wrists, ears, back of the neck, and forehead two to three times a day.

Do you have those days when you feel like you are all over the place?

When you have a seemingly never-ending list of things to do, but you find that you are getting nothing done because you are too flustered to concentrate on getting one thing done at a time simply?

Not only does this oil help to ground you in the present it also relieves feelings of anxiety and stress, allowing you to focus on the task at hand and move through your day with a sense of calm and clarity.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Alleviates: anxiety, depression, insomnia, nervous tension, stress, worry
  • Increases: calming thoughts, focus, sense of grounding, spiritual clarity
  • Mix it with other items on this list: Bergamot, Frankincense, Lavender, Rose, Ylang Ylang
  • Bonus: acts as an antidote for hiccups

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10. Ylang Ylang

Last but not least, on this list is Ylang Ylang. This essential oil has a strong, sweet, floral scent and helps to open and heal the heart.

If you have undergone trauma in your life Ylang Ylang essential oil can help to heal the damage this trauma has done to your heart by awakening the inner child within.

Re-discovering your inner child is an important part of many emotional healing methods, as you might need to go back in time and explore your past in order to discover which events in your life are still taking up negative space in your mind and heart.

If you are someone who had to take on a lot of responsibility at a young age, someone who lacked a proper childhood, or someone who underwent a profound loss or trauma this awakening of the inner child may help to shine a light on who you were before, and allow you to re-familiarize yourself with the pieces of yourself that you lost along the way.

This oil can also open our eyes to memories or feelings that we have suppressed and allows us to release them so that we can move forward with life feeling lighter and happier. If you want to add more joy to your life, you can diffuse Ylang Ylang throughout your home or apply it topically.

It might be especially beneficial for people who find themselves attached to strict obligations at work or home to use this oil in order to find space in their life for play and happiness.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Alleviates: anxiety, depression, fear, frigidity, impotence, panic, shock, tension
  • Increases: ability to be in the moment, sense of joy
  • Mix it with other items on this list: Bergamot, Rose, Sandalwood
  • This brand is USDA certified organic

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Final Thoughts

The essential oils in this list vary by price point, but it is worth doing your own research to see which brand of oil works best for you based on your own preferences regarding size, price, and grade of oil.

Get informed on the best ways to use your chosen oil safely and in order to reap the most benefits.

This might mean applying oils with a roller or investing in a diffuser that allows these healing smells to spread throughout your living space.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of the 10 best essential oils for emotional healing and their 2019 reviews.

See one that’s not on the list and should be? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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