Why Is Jasmine Essential Oil So Expensive?

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Jasmine essential oil is known as a king of oils, due to its amazing aroma and unique characteristics.

Jasmine oil is so expensive because it takes thousands of jasmine flower’s petal to make one ml of jasmine essential oil.

It has more than 200 species, and out of all only two are used in the preparation of jasmine essential oil.

Petals are plucked in the early morning before sunrise or at midnight to keep the fragrance fresh and robust.

It gives you a long-lasting aroma, and even if you take it’s few drops and rub it on your wrist, neck or behind the ears, it will give you an excellent smell.

There are many reasons behind the expensiveness of jasmine essential oil because collecting of jasmine flower is diligent work.

It is used in the medical field, in the perfume industry, in the cosmetic industry and the like.

Besides this, it has a lot of advantages over the other oils, and some of all are, it alleviates stress, improves the quality of sleep, prevents infection, reduces menstrual pain, and in aromatherapy.

Season of Flowering

Jasmine flowers are planted in summer or spring and almost, take six months to ripe after its planting, and its buds have more aroma than the flowers.

Properties of Jasmine Essential Oil

Jasmine oil has several properties which make it distinctive among the other essential oils.

  • Antiseptic
  • Sedative
  • Antidepressant
  • Antispasmodic
  • Anti-infection
  • Alluring and romantic characteristics
  • Angelic fragrance
  • Relieves respiratory disorder
  • Helping to reduce chronic fatigue
  • Natural remedy to improve the cramp of the body
  • Improve immunity system
  • magical properties.
  • It rises love
  • Establishes peace
  • Spirituality
  • Prophetic dreams
  • Tranquillity
  • Sensuality
  • Romance

The History of Jasmine

Jasmine name derived from the Persian name “Yasmin” which means Gift of God.

Jasmine is an evergreen shrub which grows up to ten-meter with dark green leaves and tiny white flower-like stars.

We found the importance of jasmine essential oil in the tales of ancient China, Persia, and Egypt.

In the modern era, it is cultivated in Japan, France, Turkey, Spain, China, India, and Morroco.

It occupied a unique place in Hinduism and regarded as a “perfume of love.”

It was its aphrodisiac property that kept it in high demand in history.

Even it was used in hospitals to make the air fresh and fragrant in China.

Also, jasmine oil was used to clean the pollutants of air before the real discovery of bacteria.

Early Egyptians used jasmine oil to remove the headache and mental disorder.

For many years it was the source of enthusiasm for poets.

Jasmine, in history, was used by the women to promote romance, attraction, and seduction.

Now a day Uses of Jasmine Essential Oils are vast, and it is also used in tea all over the world due to its unique fragrance.

Dried jasmine petals are used to give sweet aroma and taste to the tea.

Indonesian use it as a garnish in their foods.

Benefits of Jasmine essential oil

Jasmine essential oil has a lot of benefits, let’s delve how it is used, and which kind of advantageous it has under its belt.

It is used to uplift and enhances self-confidence.

After applying on the body, one gives or exhales a sigh of relaxation.

Cosmetic companies used it in their cosmetic products to sell them like hot cakes, and due to its balancing nature, it is also beneficial for skincare products.

Jasmine oil also can be used to reduce anxiety, depression, mental disorder, and to improve the menstrual issues.

It also eradicates the skin issues such as wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and oil of greasy skin and helps in softening the tone of the skin.

It is helpful to reduce the childbirth pain, increase the flow of blood, and enhances the growth of breast for nursing mothers.

It can be used to treat the issues of dry skin because it helps to ease and moisturizes the irritated skin.

It relieves stress as well.

Jasmine oil also fights with depression.

To balance the hormones is another bright usage of jasmine essential oil.

Jasmine essential oil’s usage also developed feelings of relaxation and ease.

It gives superb result in aromatherapy and alleviates the pain of joints, shoulders, and muscles.

Jasmine essential oil is broadly used in the perfume industry because it has a gorgeous odor, even it’s two or three drops you spray on your body are enough to make you fresh whole the day.

It can also be used on hair to make them smooth, silky and healthy.

Jasmine oil has aphrodisiac nature, and you can use it to set the emotional mood of the bedroom and notice the behavior of your partner.

It removes toxins from the body and enhances blood circulation.

It also supports the respiratory system.

It treats stretch marks as well.

It also eases the sadness.

Jasmine oil also improves the lymphatic system.

It is helpful to reduce cough and to snore by working with your function system.

It also improves energy level.

Jasmine essential oil has capability to fuel sexual desires.

Flower of jasmine is the best remedy to cure lactation; for example, in India, the women suffering from lactation wear the jasmine flower around their hair to increase lactation.

It has antibiotic properties for all kind of infections.

It encourages feelings of warmth and strength.

Jasmine essential oil also reduces the symptoms of menopause.

It also relaxes spasms.

If it is used according to the recommendation, can free people from drugs and narcotics.

Jasmine essential oil has good quality to blend effortlessly with other essential oils like sandalwood and wild orange etc.

It’s blendable oil and can be amalgamated with any other oil to achieve the desired result.

During the massage, keep the oil out of nose, eyes or ears, and test your oil carefully before application.

WARNING For Women: Do not use jasmine oil if you are pregnant because this oil is very powerful and can dull your mind, which is harmful to your pregnancy.

Also make sure to keep your essential oils in a safe environment

Why Is Jasmine Essential Oil So Expensive?

When it comes to our knowledge that jasmine oil is so costly, the question of its high price automatically arises in our mind.

There are many reasons behind its expensiveness, and out of all these reasons, the prominent is that it has an impressive smell and bundle of advantageous for its users.

It has a lovely aroma, and its floral smell is immensely stronger than any other flowering plant.

Jasmine oil is the most expensive oil and has been used for centuries in the perfume industry, even the royal families of the world like Cleopatra and Loise XIV were also used jasmine oil.

If you have strapped for cash.

If you have a shortage of money and have no penny to buy any perfume, you should think for its substitute, because most of the perfume companies contain jasmine essential oil in their perfume products.

Be honest, and again brutally honest there is nothing smell worse in this world than the smell of a local and cheap perfume! Awww disgusting and stinky smell.

Most of the companies produce good oil with a little mixture of Essential oils which give a gorgeous smell.

Although it is not 100% pure and original oil, it is a cheaper and good alternative if you want an awesome smell of jasmine.

There are some companies who are adding a little quantity of jasmine oil in their oil to make them fragrant.

Before buying always read the label and ingredients, an oil contains and avoid to buy a product which has a mixture of harmful chemicals.

Benefits of Smelling Jasmine Essential Oil

When you smell the jasmine essential oil, your body feels relaxed.

Jasmine oil also has good and positive effects on your brain.

By smelling Jasmine oil, our lungs soak up the natural formula and cure the lungs diseases.

If you spray the jasmine oil in your room or other places, it will certainly make the aura fragrant and healthy because it has hygienic properties too.

And of course, do not use jasmine oil by your own will, always use it by following correct methods; otherwise, it may produce undesirable effects for your health.

Always, test the oil before using, otherwise it can lead to skin irritation or any other disease.

Do not take jasmine essential oil internally without the proper guidance of the aromatherapist.

Qualities of Jasmine Essential Oil

Essential oil does not hold any water.

Crucial knowledge is that it does not grow fungus or mildew too.

If you find any mold in your oil, it means that your oil is cheap, because original oil even after its expiry date, it would not release the repugnant smell.

Before buying essential oil, make it sure it is an original oil.

Essential oils are pure so, avoid to use them directly; therefore, it is better to dilute them with a carrier oil (for example almond oil, coconut oil, etc.) to prevent any skin allergy.

Factors That Influence Essential Oil

However, there are some factors which disturb your oil’s range and extent.

As we know that oxygen is the main factor in all essential oils; it also damages the oil as we open the bottle, air starts corresponding with oil.

And the best cure is to screw the cap of the bottle tightly when it is not used by you, and it is an effective remedy.

The other factor is Heat, which causes to vanish your oil as you open the bottle of your oil.

Again, its simple solution is that after taking your required amount of oil, you should fix the cap of the bottle tightly.

The third one is Light, which severely affects the oil, and changes the constituents of oil, that is the reason oils are kept in the dark-colored bottles to maintain their aroma.

Best Source To Buy Jasmine Essential Oil

Due to its high price jasmine essential oil is difficult to find than any other essential oil.

Currently, Young Living and some other companies are making this oil so, you can buy from these companies through online services.

Amazon is another best Sources To Buy or know the price and quality of original jasmine oil.

If you buy it at a wholesale rate, it will become a bonus for you at a very low price.

Alibaba is another authentic online source to buy pure jasmine oil.

How Can We Use Old oils?

If you found your oil on its last leg, you do not need to throw it out, because there are still many ways to use them.

It can still use for aromatherapy.

Let me tell you how you can use your old oil; simply one way is to take three or four drops of oil and put them into your bathtub and enjoy a pleasant shower.

You can use this oil into candles as well because it still has a sweet aroma.

Although older oil has not enough fragrance, it still can be used to set the mood of a room.

Do not sink the oil into the water; they will damage the process of our natural vegetation.

Before throwing the bottles, you should empty them into the dust.

Drop a couple of drops into a dish, and keep it near the heater, and it will fill the room with an excellent smell.

It may also be used in a vacuum cleaner bag to stop the disgusting smell of bag.

With Which Oils It Can Be Blended

There we told you that which is suitable oil which can be blended with jasmine essential oil.

It can be blended with almond oil, rosewood oil, lavender oil, coconut oil, clary oil, and neroli oil.

How Can We Store Jasmine Essential Oil

Dark-colored bottles are best to store essential oil because this strategy blocks the ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Bottles of other colors like orange, blue, red, and green do not block UV rays properly.

To keep your oil at a moderate temperature, you have to keep it in the dark and cold place.

To maintain the temperature of your oil, you should keep it in the refrigerator.

This strategy will protect your oil from air and light and will enhance its life period to the maximum.

If your oil has frozen or become solid due to cold, don’t worry, it would be warm easily.

If you want to warm up, your cold oil does not keep it in sunlight directly, because it will shorten the life period of the oil.

Besides, refrigerator you can also store your oil in a storage box.

Use a non-transparent box.

You should not keep your oil box in open place like in kitchen, window, or other open areas which are vulnerable to sunlight and heat.

You may keep your oil box in the dark places like a cupboard or in a drawer.

Symptoms Of Expired Oil

How can you recognize that your oil has expired? Let me tell you some points that will surely help you to identify the age of oil.

You can still use your oil if its smell changed a little bit.

Your oil will start to release an unpleasant smell.

If your oil starts giving a sour or stale smell, you should throw it away as soon as possible.

If your oil has crossed its age, it will become opaque or cloudy.

Cloudiness reveals that the components of the oil have started to change.

If you see cloudiness in your oil and you are in confusion whether it is useable or not; you should keep your oil on a shelf for some days and wait for the outcome.

If the cloudiness disappeared, it’s mean your oil is in its good condition, and cloudiness was due to oil formation.

On the contrary, if the cloudiness still appears on the oil, it’s mean your oil has crossed its age.

How To Extract Oil From The Jasmine Plant?

Let me tell you the basic method to extract oil from the jasmine plant.

Maceration Method

Ancient Egyptians use maceration in skin creams and perfumes.

How can we extract oil from the jasmine plant, here is the method of maceration to get oil from the plant of jasmine.

In this method, the flowers of jasmine are dip into hot water where cell membrane break and the essence of flowers absorbed by the hot oil.

Then the oil is separated from decanted.

Carbon Dioxide Method

Another method which is used to extract oil from the jasmine plant is the method of Carbon Dioxide.

Carbon dioxide at its hypercritical state is best to extract oil from the flowers because in its hypercritical state it is in moderate phase neither gas nor liquid.

In this way, CO2 becomes a superb solvent to extract the oil from essential plants.

CO2 is colorless non-toxic, so if you want to remove CO2 solvent, you should remove the pressure.

Method of Solvent Extraction

Here is another technique to extract oil from the soft flower like rose, jasmine, and violet.

It is a very costly method.


Although it is non-irritating and non-toxic, it should always use with other carrier oil such as almond oil, and coconut oil to avoid any allergic reaction.

Women who are pregnant should avoid to use it because it has a great effect on the uterus; therefore, it can prove harmful to pregnancy.

Before applying on your face, you should test it on your forearm to make yourself anti-allergic.

Keep it out from eyes, ears, and nose.

Do not use it internally unless the advice of the doctor.

Excessive use of jasmine oil can lead to skin sensitization.

We say also try looking at Doterra   

Our other favorite brand is Young Living


In this chaotic world, jasmine oil brings a ray of hope and promises to give peace, love, and beauty.

Jasmine oil is prepared by jasmine flowers, and no doubt has a very sweet and delightful aroma.

History reveals that jasmine essential oil was used by royal families, for example, Louis XIV and queen

Cleopatra, and it was beyond the limit of a street man.


Jasmine essential oil has many characteristics like it is:

  • Antiseptic,
  • Sedative
  • Antidepressant
  • Antispasmodic
  • Anti-infection
  • Alluring and romantic characteristics
  • Angelic fragrance
  • Relieves respiratory disorder
  • Helping to relieve chronic fatigue
  • Natural remedy to ameliorate the cramp of the body.
  • Its benefits are beyond thought, and even its smell provides relaxation to the human body.
  • It is also used to clean the disgusting atmosphere of hospitals, rooms, and it is kept in the doorway
  • or windows because it releases a very sweet smell and makes the environment very fragrant.

Final Thoughts

However, jasmine essential oil has certain qualities which distinguish it from other essential oils, because it does not hold water, does not grow mold, mildew or fungus, and even after its expiration date, it gives delightful smell and can be used in different ways.

Due to its unique composition, it should be stored in a dry and cool place in the dark-colored bottle, and after taking oil from the bottle it’s cap should be screwed tightly; otherwise, it would evaporate.

It can be blend with other oils; you should try to avoid the direct application of pure jasmine oil on your skin because it can prove dangerous for your skin and cause skin sensitization, that is a reason you should blend it with others carrier oils like almond oil, wild orange or coconut oil to achieve the best result.

It has dangerous effects on pregnant women because it gives relaxation and can prove harmful for pregnancy.

Do not use it internally like the nose, ear, eyes, or other internal areas until the advice of its maker or doctor.

If your oil got expire do not waste it still it is useable in different ways like in aromatherapy, set the mood of a room and add two or four drops to the bathtub and have a pleasant shower.

You can buy it from many online sources, but always choose authentic sources like Amazon and Alibaba.
In case if you find cloudiness in your oil protects it from the air as soon as possible.

To increase the shelf life of your jasmine essential oil, keep it away from air, heat, and light.

Jasmine oil has a bundle of benefits for its users; therefore, it’s expensiveness does not mean to its true lovers.

Finally, it’s sweet aroma placed it at a distinct place among the other essential oils.

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